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Zombie Economics: A Guide to Personal Finance

Zombie Economics: A Guide to Personal Finance

Lisa Desjardins, Rick Emerson

ISBN: 9781583334270

The similarities between the ability to survive the zombie apocalypse and maintaining good personal finances are unavoidable A very funny take on the undeadly serious subject of personal finance, this guide delivers sound, rational advice on saving one's life from a zombie economy.

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If financial guides leave you perplexed (or comatose), you should read Zombie Economics instead. It's compelling, it's straightforward, and it can change your life.
"Zombie Economics" is for anyone in the midst of financial uncertainty, a place where carelessness and timidity will cost you. From the creeping spread of unpaid bills to the lumbering advance of creditors, "Zombie Economics" confronts the biggest threats to your personal economy, takes aim, and then takes them down. Specific chapters include:
-"A Basement Full of Ammo" Saving yourself by saving money
-"They'll Eat the Fat Ones First" Using fitness as a financial asset
-"Shooting Dad in the Head" Ending your relationships with the financially infected
With simple, easy-to-use techniques for identifying-and eliminating-your financial weak spots, "Zombie Economics" turns victims into survivors.
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