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The Eyes of Heaven

The Eyes of Heaven

Beverley Cooper

ISBN: 9781897289488

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Trade Paperback

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Late night, on a lonely Huron County road, fifteen-year-old Eloise Bernhardt has an extraordinary encounter that changes her life forever...This is a story of a mother and her teenaged daughter who have lost their way, and how they are fighting their way back to loving each other. It's a story that questions what we believe in, examines how we judge each other, and asks: "What is out there, beyond the stars?"Eloise and her mother, Glen are struggling mightily with the recent death of the man who was both husband and father. Problems escalate for mother and daughter alike when Eloise returns home late one night after a gravel-pit party with some high school friends. Shaken and dishevelled, she tells her mother she saw "a big glowing light hovering above the ground" that momentarily took possession of her. Eloise's improbable tale makes headlines in the local newspaper after a reporter talks to her under false pretences. What follows, for Eloise and her mother--and for their whole community--is funny, touching, and inspiring.
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