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Nymph Errant - Full Length Musical, Comedy

Nymph Errant

Cole Porter, Steve Mackes, Michael Whaley, Cole Porter

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Full Length Musical, Comedy

1m, 6f

ISBN: 9780573627736

Book by Steve Mackes and Michael Whaley
Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter

"The new script is full of delightful jokes [but] what makes the evening are Porter's jaunty and brilliantly witty songs...A handful of hauntingly beautiful numbers can stand with Porter's finest love songs." - Daily Telegraph

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Full Length Musical


Time Period - 1930s

Settings Of Play - Multiple locations that Evangeline travels to throughout Europe.


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Period Costumes




College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Large Stage

This famous "lost" musical, a hit in London in the thirties and later a triumph for Gertrude Lawrence and Elizabeth Welch, was recently restaged to bravos in London. Its whimsical story follows innocent Evangeline Edwards as she bids farewell to a Swiss finishing school and sets off across Europe and looking for love and adventure. She gets into one scrape after another and is rescued by a series of unsuitable men (a French producer, Russian musician, Austrian nudist, Italian count, Greek magnate, Turkish Pasha and a eunuch all played by the same actor).


"The new script is full of delightful jokes [but] what makes the evening are Porter's jaunty and brilliantly witty songs...A handful of hauntingly beautiful numbers can stand with Porter's finest love songs." - Daily Telegraph

Nymph Errant premiered at the Chichester Festival in August 1999 under the direction of Roger Redfarn.



1m, 6f


Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)


*All played by the same actress
**All played by the same actor

EVANGELINE EDWARDS - English, young, and beautiful but unwise to the ways of the world.
HENRIETTA BAMBERG - American beautifu; speaks with a broad midwest accent; shows irreverent freedom in her speech and manner.
MADELINE ST. MAURE - A French beauty of the sullen type but quite vivacious in temprement. In spite of her "Jeune Fille" air, she has a latent vuluptuous quality.
JOYCE ARBUTHNOT-PALMER - English Country. She is very hearty and always talks through a smile. Would rather spend her time with or on a horse.
BERTHA - German; with a zaftig body and a pretty face.
*MISS PRATT - Tall, prim, and proper; very English. In spite of her reserved school teacher looks, there is passion within her, expressed in the advice she gives her students.
*THE COCOTTE - Once a great courtesan, she is now a little world-weary and tired. Shunned by the younger women and resigned that her time has passed, there is a noble sadness about her.
*MRS. BAMBERG - Henrietta's rich American mother who is spending thousands of dollars for her daughter to marry a title.
*AUNT ERMYNTRUDE - Evangeline's dotty sweet old aunt in Oxford.
**ANDRE DE CROISSANT - Sophisticated, handsome, French impressario; when excited he is slightly over the top and very dramatic.
** ALEXI GREGORGEVITCH STUKIN - Manic-depressive Russian orchestra leader who imagines himself madly in love with Evangeline.
**FRITZ - The German nudist who takes Evangeline to a nudist colony in Bavaria.
**COUNT FERDINAND - The count who comes to Evangeline's rescue and takes her to Venice.
**CONSTANTINE KOUMOUDOUROPOLOS - The Greek shipping magnate who wins Evangeline in a card game.
**KASIM - The big, burly, and blustering Turkish soldier who has an affinity for silk. He sells Evangeline and Bertha into slavery, causing them to become harem girls.
**ALI - The palace eunuch who is a fan of Evangeline and treats her as an equal.
**VICTOR CALVERSTON - The young man desperately in love with Evangeline, whom she keeps encountering throughout her adventures.

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