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Love Without

Love Without

Jerry Stahl

ISBN: 9781890447458

From the bestselling author of the memoir "Permanent Midnight" and the novel "I, Fatty" comes a long-awaited collection of short stories. Stahls perverse yet often touching tales plumb the depths of eccentric romance, sex-starved adolescence, mid-life cri

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Trade Paperback

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From the best-selling author of the memoir Permanent Midnight and the novel I, Fatty comes a bold new collection of short stories. Jerry Stahl's perverse yet often touching tales, many of which first appeared in publications ranging from Playboy to the Pushcart Prize to Best Erotic Fiction, plumb the depths of eccentric romance, sex-starved adolescence, midlife crisis, and family dysfunction. From a teenager's tryst with a recently widowed middle-aged woman on an airplane, to a dissatisfied dentist's attempt to find freedom on the road with a much younger woman, all the way to an intensely erotic love affair between an ex-junkie and a former circus midget harboring a sexual obsession with vegetables, this collection never fails to arouse and surprise. With a disarmingly immediate prose style, Stahl finds great eroticism, humor, and humanity in the wildest of encounters.
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