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Beasley's Christmas Party - Full Length Play

Beasley's Christmas Party

C. W. Munger

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Full Length Play

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780573696541

"There's a goodhearted intelligence [to these characters]...with utter devotion to craftsmanship, they're distracting us from the play's age until we, without realizing, have been enchanted by it...Impressive as any number of rabbit-filled top hats..…

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: Acting Edition

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play


75 Minutes

Based on a story by Booth Tarkington. A journalist new to a Midwestern state capitol circa 1900 notices there is something funny going on at the charming house next door. Turns out gubernatorial candidate David Beasley lives there with his young ward, an orphan who has a menagerie of imaginary friends. Beasley's nemesis Simeon Peck plans to ruin Beasley's chances at the statehouse, but everyone learns something at Beasley's Christmas Party -- including the pretty Miss Applethwaite, who Mr. Beasley spurned years before. Conceived for three actors to play multiple roles (but playable in many configurations), this 75-minute holiday play is a heartwarming fable of imagination and celebration.
"There’s a goodhearted intelligence [to these characters]…with utter devotion to craftsmanship, they’re distracting us from the play’s age until we, without realizing, have been enchanted by it...Impressive as any number of rabbit-filled top hats...Enchanting." – Variety

"In the holiday chests of many households, nestled in jumbles of ornaments and lights, there is one special heirloom, to be given pride of place on the Christmas tree: an old painted angel, perhaps, with history in its chipped wooden wings, or a faded star that outshines any flashy electric bulb. Beasley’s Christmas Party is a bit like such small treasures." – Time Out New York

"A tiny seasonal treat (that) builds to an irresistibly charming climax...that good and bad always stay true, with good usually coming out ahead." – Michael Feingold, Village Voice

"A heartwarming tribute to the holiday season that adds a new touch of warmth and cheer to the Christmas season in these troubled times." – Curtain Up



2m, 1f


Expandable casting

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