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Naked in the Kitchen

Naked in the Kitchen

Lynda Martens

ISBN: 9781897289563

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Trade Paperback

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As Naked in the Kitchen opens, Psychologist Charlie Campbell, and his wife Beth, are packing their son Michael, off to his first day in college. The parents are a study in contrasts. Charlie, sitting reading the paper, is so calm that he seems passively aggressive. Beth is just the opposite. She's checking lists offering advice worrying out loud. Their son Michael is torn between the apparent lack of emotion from his father and the smothering of his mother. The tension is leavened with a good bit of genuine humor along with a certain amount of edginess. With Michael dropped off at school, the tensions between Charlie and Beth escalate. Somehow the bonus in intimacy that Beth had expected with Michael's departure isn't happening. Old trauma and deep seated pains that were only hinted at in the opening scenes erupt as some surprising new events come to the surface. Back into what's become a standoff with the parents comes Michael with a new friend from school, Kevin. Although he's a fellow freshman Kevin does add a sophomoric but thoughtfully comic note of humanity to the tense situation.
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