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To Find Oneself - Full Length Play, Drama

To Find Oneself

Luigi Pirandello, Marta Abba

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Full Length Play, Drama

7m, 6f

Luigi Pirandello
Translated by Marta Abba
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Full Length Play



The playwright was a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

A famous actress one night meets a man who intrigues her and with whom she feels she can enter into a world of reckless adventure. They are wrecked in a storm at sea, and afterwards fall in love. One of the conditions under which he will marry her is that she give up her acting. The actress agrees, but she insists on another appearance, and it is this which disillusions her lover. He is embarrassed to see her displaying in public the same gestures and utterances that he had thought were reserved for him in intimacy. She, for her part, finds her fulfillment only in the rapport of her characterization with the audience. She has no self, and can realize herself only in character in a drama. She returns to her flat to find her lover gone.


7m, 6f

Marta Abba

Marta Abba

Marta Abba was the stimulus to the playwright Luigi Pirandello's creativity. She was an aspiring young 25-year-old actress when she met the 58-year-old playwright, whose wife had been confined to a mental asylum in 1919. From their correspondence it comes out how she not only inspired him but she also gave the writer confidence in his work. Their relationship was complex but contributed much to ... view full profile

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Lance Tait 8/29/2013 1:11 PM
Saw this play presented at one of the large national theaters in Paris last year - absolutely fantastic!

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