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Columbine Cum Laude - Short Play, Comedy

Columbine Cum Laude

Lyda Nagel

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Short Play, Comedy

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780573620843

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $45 per performance


Short Play


Settings Of Play - Columbine's house. The Time is when you will.


Interior Set

Columbine awakes to find a thought in her head. This leads the pretty flirt, who has been pursuing Harlequin for five hundred years, into the arms of a stodgy professor, who whisks her away for a "mortarboard" marriage. Harlequin, always so concerned with himself, discovers he has a broken heart. With the aid of Pierrot, Harlequin recaptures for an instant what he loves; but has he truly learned that, when we change what we most desire, we destroy it? Only Columbine knows and she will never tell.


3m, 3f

HARLEQUIN - a handsome, tall young man, conceited and bored. He is smartly dress in bright tights, and a well-fitting tunic of many colors, preferable in the traditional diamond pattern. He has great dash and self-assurance.

PIERROT - may be younger or older than Harlequin. He is pleasant and nice-looking, but must not cut the stylish figure that Harlequin does. Neither tall nor short, thin nor fat, Pierrot is a dependable type, given somewhat to despondency. He wears the traditional white clown suit, loose-fitting, too long in the sleeves, with a black ruff around his next, and large black pompons for buttons.

BERNICE - a young, pretty maid perhaps only sixteen or eighteen, completely devoted to Columbine. She wears a dress with a short, full skirt and peasant-type blouse, with a dainty white apron and tiny cap. Her dress may be a pastel shade to harmonize with Columbine's colors.

COLUMBINE - is a gay flirt, eternally young and desirable. Her dress is short and full in the skirt, with a tight bodice, with or without straps, and gaily bedecked with flowers tacked here and there, and ribbons and bows. She wears a ribbon tied around her neck in a saucy bow. She usually wears ballet slippers, but this is not necessary. She must be quick and graceful in her motions, and when she walks she should almost hear music for dancing. At her entrance she is wearing a black graduation robe that hangs loose and open from the shoulders, not hiding the dress underneath. it should be quite long, hanging to her ankles. On her head is a black mortarboard, with a tassel that is continually in the way.

PROFESSOR FRISBIE - is a stuffy man of any age or size, wearing a dark business suit, white shirt, dark tie, dark shoes and socks, and over it a black scholar's gown and a mortarboard, always set straight on his head. He may have certain serious good looks, but he rarely, if ever, smiles.

MISS MOFFAT - is a young, sensible woman, who would be pretty if she did not hide behind a severity of dress and makeup. She may wear glasses or not, but her hair is drawn back in a tight knot, and she has a small hat perched on top of her head. She wears a prim dark suit, with a high necked white blouse, and walking oxfords.

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