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Situation Comedy - Full Length Play, Comedy

Situation Comedy

Johnnie Mortimer, Brian Cooke

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Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 3f

ISBN: 9780573691492

"Will amuse and delight all lovers of sitcom." - Croydon Advertiser

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
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Full Length Play



Interior Set

Messrs. Mortimer and Cooke, the top writers of British television “sitcoms,” have turned their delightful senses of humor loose on the stage. This live sitcom is about two authors of sitcoms who are stuck for a new idea. By a neatly contrived accident, each man finds himself getting drunk with the wrong wife. Macho man Charles Summerskill winds up with a hopelessly undomestic sexpot, who is so inept in the kitchen that she burns salad; whereas wimpy Arthur Grey finds himself with a prim and proper expert chef. Charles ends up with a buxom blond and indigestion; Arthur is eating well but is, well, sexually frustrated. Eventually, work forces Charles and Arthur together again, and they decide to create a new show based on the recent upheavals in their private lives.

"Will amuse and delight all lovers of sit com." - Croydon Advertiser

"You can tell the comedy's going down well when the actors themselves are laughing at it and as a result the audience is laughing even more." - Spalding Guardian



3m, 3f


Johnnie Mortimer

Originally a Cartoonist Johnnie teamed up with fellow cartoonist Brian Cooke and started to write for radio, notably MEN FROM THE MINISTRY, ROUND THE HORNE and STOP MESSING ABOUT. Soon thereafter they started writing for television, devising and writing series including FATHER DEAR FATHER, MAN ABOUT THE HOUSE, GEORGE AND MILDRED, ROBIN’S NEST, TOM DICK AND HARRIET, LET THERE BE LOVE, FULL HOUSE ... view full profile

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Patricia H Riley 7/3/2015 4:09 AM
This is an extremely funny play that deserves to be much better known.  Two scriptwriters who, with their wives, have been friends for years, have writers block and a looming deadline for a new TV series.  They meet up for an evening, drink too much home made wine, and end up swapping wives.  This gives them an idea for a TV series if only they can think of an ending for the first episode, and their attempts to do so produce moments of hysterical farce.  We have directed this play twice and are about to do so again, and it has always had audiences laughing so much they can scarcely breathe.

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