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Inside Out - Full Length Musical, Dramatic Comedy

Inside Out

Doug Haverty, Adryan Russ

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Full Length Musical, Dramatic Comedy


ISBN: 9780573600326

Book by Doug Haverty
Music by Adryan Russ
Lyrics by Adryan Russ and Doug Haverty
"[The] characters seem like real people even when they sing and dance.... A bright, witty and wise musical comedy about the way we live now." - New York Times

"A cheerful enterprise with buoyant music.... Very satisfying." - New York Newsday

: Acting Edition

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Full Length Musical

Dramatic Comedy

Romantic Comedy

120 minutes (2 hours)

Time Period - 1980s

Settings Of Play - The set should be a unit set with either lots of platforms and levels, or employ small wagons that glide on and off. Minimal set pieces can be used whenever necessary. There should be six chairs in a semi-circle, perhaps on a revolve so they always come to us from a different angle. Chairs may be on wheels. The set should have an open, imaginative feeling -- not be confining. The story takes place in a large metropolitan city in the USA -- New York, Chicago, Los Angeles.  The time is the not-too-distant past (many references are to the 1980s). 


Interior Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Strong Language




College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre


Robby Award, Los Angeles

A women's therapy group, headed by group leader, Grace, is transformed forever when Dena joins the group and winds up being a catalyst for change in the lives of Sage, a flower child of the 1980s; Liz, a powerful businesswoman who has problems balancing work and home; Chlo, a gay, bank employee and single mom of a teenage son; and Molly, a mother of two young children who is dealing with weight issues. Featuring tuneful, memorable music by Adryan Russ and insightful lyrics by Russ and Doug Haverty, Inside Out, is every bit as timely today as it was when it premiered off-Broadway at the Cherry Lane Theater, where it received excellent reviews and praise for its top-notch six-member ensemble: Tony Award nominee Jan Maxwell, Tony nominee, Ann Crumb (Aspects of Love, Anna Karenina), Harrriett D. Foy (Once On This Island, Mamma Mia), Kathleen Mahony-Bennett (Anything Goes), Cass Morgan (Pump Boys & Dinettes, Memphis), and Julie Prosser (Baby).

Since its initial off-Broadway run, Inside Out has had productions all over the United States and overseas as a delicious throwback to the 1980s and the rise of therapy as a way to deal with daily life.  Its original cast recording, with orchestrations by Ned Ginsburg, was first released on DRG Records. When Kritzerland Record's Bruce Kimmel discovered that DRG’s issue was out of print, he decided to completely remix, remaster and repackage it: www.kritzerland.com/insideOut.htm

Listen to song excerpts at: www.playworksmusic.com/Samples.htm


"...the smart, spunky little musical…does an unusually good job of creating characters who seem like real people with real problems, even when they sing and dance." - The New York Times

"We know that group therapy sessions don’t usually include singing and dancing, but Russ and Haverty make the audience believe it’s the most natural thing in the world…at once funny and touching." - Variety

"A cheerful enterprise with buoyant music.... Very satisfying." - New York Newsday

"Could be the next Fantasticks!" - WABC Radio

"This cast recording...features some wittily conceived and executed songs from Adryan Russ and Doug Haverty that brim with pop appeal." - Theatre Mania

"We know that group therapy sessions don't usually include singing and dancing, but Russ and Haverty make the audience believe it's the most natural thing in the world ... This audience-pleasing show follows five women who chide one another when someone's suppressing an honest feeling and eagerly step into each other's shoes to share the therapeutic value of role-playing, is at once funny and touching." - Weekly Variety

"Every line in this show rings dead on ... touches the heart, displaying wit and high spirits, even as it addresses insecurity and loneliness." - Newsday

"Plays like A Chorus Line of group therapy - each patient stands up and belts out her life story and problems, with the rest of the group as her back-up singers and dancers." - Bradenton Herald

"Shows the self-deception, the peeling of layers, the look for escape hatches when the light hurts the eyes long accustomed to peering through dimness." – Valley Press

Inside Out premiered at New York’s Cherry Lane Theatre on October 28, 1994, co-produced by Marc Routh, Richard Frankel, Randy Kelly, Carol Ostrow, and George Tunick. 





All Female, Ensemble cast, Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)


Age ranges are 25 to 50.


No Chorus

DENA - Attractive, bitter, singer/actress, currently divorced and living alone.  Her briefly successful career has stalled and she is searching for an explanation.  She senses that she is the cause of her predicament, but cannot admit it.
GRACE - Intelligent, sensitive, easy-going, centered, "graceful" group therapy leader.  She has a sense of humor and loves what she's doing.  She is happily married, but has her issues, too.
SAGE - Genuinely sincere, deeply caring, naive woman who would have been a hippie had she been born at the right time.  She is almost engage.
CHLO - Beautiful, feminine, sarcastic, loving, gay mother of a troublesome 13-year-old son.  She is a therapy pro, romantaically alone, an artist who sketches during group sessions.
MOLLY - Cute, self-doubting, paranoid, happily married new mother who's convinced she waited too long to have children and will never lose her maternity weight, even though she has.
LIZ - Striking confident, driven, professional executive who has fought her way up a corporate ladder while managing to support a house-husband and three teenage children.  She has a hard time determining which comes first, career or family.
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Classic Broadway, Pop/Rock



7 Piano/Conductor Scores

Song Samples

Inside Out


No One Inside

Never Enough

I Don't Say Anything

The Passing of a Friend

Things Look Different

Do It At Home


Other Doug Haverty titles:

Adryan Russ

Adryan Russ

     ADRYAN RUSS conceived, wrote music and co-wrote lyrics for Inside Out, the award-winning off-Broadway musical about six women in group therapy, co-written with playwright Doug Haverty, and produced by Richard Frankel Productions. The musical was published by Samuel French and the original cast CD distributed by DRG Records. Inside Out has had several productions across the U.S. and two ... view full profile

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