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Driving Lessons - Full Length Play, Comedy

Driving Lessons

Jason Katims

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Full Length Play, Comedy

2m, 1f

NOTICE: Please be advised that Samuel French does not currently vend materials for this title. If you are interested in producing this show, please acquire scripts independently first and then use the button to the right to request a license.

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Full Length Play



Interior Set

The Garden of Earthly Delights Suite at Honeymoon Paradise hotel and resort is Laurel's destination for a post nuptial idyll, except she is alone in the hotel van driven perilously by a young bellboy psychiatrist raconteur. By the time Laurel has changed out of her wedding gown, the play is half through and she is dizzy from the bellboy's free associative, hotly spinning repartee. A macrobiotic, she has been maneuvered into having prime rib and lobster cocktail, conned into singing a pop song in the manner of Aretha Franklin and charmed by his admission that she is just wonderful. He opens wine and turns down the bed at the same time, paraphrases pidgin Shakespeare and almost makes Laurel admit why she is on a solo honeymoon. He also likes to slap his ever handy stethoscope to walls so he can hear murmured words of passion. Of all these talents, Laurel is most in awe of his ability to drive. The bellboy endeavors to teach the new bride to drive using two straight backed chairs, but she's not very good at merging into traffic even on wall to wall carpet. When the husband finally arrives, he is baffled by the flight of his bride and, by the time he does get her attention, she has learned how to merge. Screwy, absurd and gently thought provoking, this humorous piece never offends and provides excellent roles for young character actors.
"Solid and hilarious." - Athens Daily News


2m, 1f

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