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Oedipus For Kids! - Full Length Musical, Dark Comedy

Oedipus For Kids!

Robert Saferstein, Gil Varod, Kimberly Patterson

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Full Length Musical, Dark Comedy

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780573663581

"A spoof of children's theater, with some truly funny songs and endearingly loopy performances from a cast of just three." - Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

: Acting Edition

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Full Length Musical

Dark Comedy

Adventure, Adaptations (Literature), Experimental, Parody / Spoof

120 minutes (2 hours)

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day, Greek; Roman & Biblical


Audience Participation/Interactive, Local Celebrity Cameo, Physical Comedy, Puppetry, Stage Combat

Unit Set/Multiple Settings, Bare Stage/Simple Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes, Elaborate / High Volume Costumes, Fantasy Costumes, Period Costumes


Strong Language, Mild Adult Themes


Adult, Senior, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Senior Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Outdoor, Large Stage, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

Hey kids! Join your pal Oedipus - a little boy a lot like you - as he takes an exciting journey across ancient Greece to become king! You'll learn all about blind people, familial love, and communicable diseases! Sing along to favorite songs like "A Little Complex," "What’s It Like When Ya Get The Plague?" and "My Lover Is My Husband Is My Son"! ...Warning: May contain manslaughter, eye-gouging, and parental incest...

Unfolding in real-time, Oedipus for Kids! turns the audience into attendees of the latest performance of the Fuzzy Duck Theatre Company, a three-person troupe dedicated to performing the classics for children. Having had success with previous offerings such as Uncle Tommy's Cabin and Titus Andronicus Bakes A Cake, company founder Alistair has decided that the next logical step is tackling Sophocles' Oedipus Rex. But all is not as pleasant as it seems with the Fuzzy Ducks: Alistair is in the middle of a bitter divorce with troupe member Catalina, who suspects something is up when she learns that tonight's audience includes the executives from sponsor "Beanz! Coffee for Kids."

When Catalina learns that her ex-husband has bought her share in the Fuzzy Ducks only to sell it to Beanz! Coffee for ten times net value, Catalina decides to sabotage the production. What was once a misguided - albeit educational - theatrical experience swiftly spirals into a Charybdis-like whirlpool of suck, and Catalina's revenge leads to a darkly comic denouement.

Please note: this play is not for young audiences.


“A spoof of children’s theater, with some truly funny songs and endearingly loopy performances from a cast of just three.”

- Charles Isherwood,The New York Times

“?????... Hysterical! Theatergoers will be in stitches with this wacky musical."

- CurtainUp Phoenix

“This twisted treat lives up to its outrageous title admirably. The book captures a Christopher Durang-like sensibility that is infectiously entertaining. Varod and Saferstein’s score is a total treat, too (which I’ve been humming more than a few times). Yes, you can do Oedipus for Kids!And it can be just as horrifyingly fun as it sounds.”

- Broadway.com

“Pee in your pants funny. Absolutely funny. I can say pee-in-your-pants on TV, can’t I? I was laughing so hard I was crying. Very, very funny.”- Matt Lehrman, Good Morning Arizona

“Catchy and funny!”" - Orlando Sentinel

“A ribald sendup on classic literature. Debauchery reigns in this totally twisted telling of a Greek myth of yore. You’ll love this show.” - Asheville Citizen-Times

“Fresh! Fun! Hilarious! Equal parts Noises Offand Charles Busch.” - Phoenix New Times

“Wonderfully inappropriate. Funny beyond belief. Feel free to laugh till you can’t feel your cell phone vibrate.” - Ink19

“Brilliantly funny...has the raw potential to become a classic in its own right.” - HyReviews

“The score is Sesame Streetwith an edge. Great melodies, smart and humorous lyrics.”- National Alliance for Musical Theatre

“An engaging and melodic score by a talented new composer-lyricist team.” - Jeffrey Richards, Producer of August: Osage County, Spring Awakening, and Hair

“Funny, well-crafted, and with a charming score.” - Sue Frost, Producer of Memphis



2m, 1f


Ensemble cast, Non-Traditional casting, Flexible casting, Multicultural casting, Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle), Strong Role for Leading Woman (Star Vehicle)


EVAN plays Oedipus
ALISTAIR plays Tedipus/Laius/Sphinxy/Teiresias
CATALINA plays Mommy/Oracle/Jocasta


No Chorus

ALISTAIR - Male, Baritone/Bass. Artistic director of a children's theatre troupe. Like Raffi with a slightly sinister/deranged side.
CATALINA - Female, Mezzo. Performance artist with a dry sense of humor and a sharp tongue.
EVAN - Male, Tenor. A newly-arrived actor, the son of a billionaire CEO. Very innocent, not so intense in thinking. Younger than Alistair (and possibly Catalina).
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Classic Broadway, Pop/Rock, Jazz



3 Piano/Vocal Scores

Piano Conductor Score

Keyboard II Score

Drums Score

  • Oedipus for Kids


Gil Varod

Gil Varod may be most well-known from his website BroadwayAbridged.com where his satirical scripts skewering theatre shows, Tony Awards, and episodes of "SMASH" have been read by a whole bunch of folk, and are secretly passed around backstage by Broadway cast members. His musical The Zegend of Lelda won 4 of 7 awards at the 2011 West Village Musical Theatre Festival, including personal wins for ... view full profile

Kimberly Patterson

Kimberly Patterson began her theatrical career in high school, majored in Dramatic Literature at NYU, and began working in Off-Broadway theaters. Memorable experiences include delivering a package to Wendy Wasserstein, making coffee for Wallace Shawn, and running sound for the Verizon "Can you hear me now?" guy. Her plays have appeared in the New York International Fringe Festival, the Orlando ... view full profile

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