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Light Sensitive - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Light Sensitive

Jim Geoghan

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Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

2m, 1f

ISBN: 9780573694851

"Geoghan brings his characters to life and the audience to its feet cheering." - The Los Angeles Times

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: Acting Edition
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Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy


Interior Set

Thomas Hanratty, lifelong resident of Hell's Kitchen and once the most dangerous white cab driver in New York, was blinded eight years ago in a drunken accident and is fading into a routine of self pity and alcohol. His bartender and only friend, who was partly responsible for the accident, is moving to Vermont with a new lady friend, but he can't abandon Tom. He recruits an unattractive, slightly handicapped volunteer reader from the Lighthouse who battles her way through Tom's shell. By the second act, they are falling in love. His buddy returns with tales of his "Christmas from hell" in Vermont, and doubt arises as to who will hold the number one position in Tom's life.
"Geoghan brings his characters to life and the audience to its feet cheering." - The Los Angeles Times


2m, 1f


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steve suskin 11/8/2013 12:17 PM
This is a well-written 3-person drama. One of the characters is a blind man, somewhat embittered. His best friend is loyal and caring. One day he announces that he has engaged the services of an aide to assist the blind person to improve his daily life. The aide is a strong-willed woman with minor disabilities of her own, who draws the blind protagonist out of his shell and into a burgeoning romance.

This play uses the metaphor and symbology of "seeing" in a way thsat is as old as Oedipus. it is tightly constructed and gives the three actors some great challenges. An excellent piece for community theatre, relying heavily on text and performance with a minimum of technical requirements.

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