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The Shadow of the Hummingbird - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

The Shadow of the Hummingbird

Athol Fugard

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Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

1m, 1boy(s)

ISBN: 9780573704703

Legendary playwright Athol Fugard returns to the stage for the first time in fifteen years in his newest play. 

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

60 minutes (1 hour)

Time Period - Present Day

Settings Of Play - Oupa's study in Southern California


No intermission

Interior Set


Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Senior Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

When Oupa is visited by his ten-year-old grandson (who is playing hooky from school) the two spend a memorable afternoon together.  The boy reminds the old man of his lost sense of wonder, while the child is given a bit of hard-earned wisdom.  In a charming meditation on the beauty and transience of the world around us, Fugard continues to mine the depths of the human spirit with profound empathy and heart.


"To lose yourself in the imagined universe of a play is perhaps one way of retaining a sliver of the innocence Mr. Fugard’s Oupa so cherishes." - The New York Times, Read More 

"Fugard's metaphors...are unforgettable." - BroadwayWorld, Read More 

"[The Shadow of the Hummingbird] wants to pass on the experience and wisdom of an elderly man. It wants to show how important it is to respect and retain the wonderment and curiosity and openness of childhood. And it wants to entertain. . . admirable goals which, in the hands of a master, Athol Fugard . . . are easily met." - New Haven Independant, Reaed More 

"The Shadow of the Hummingbird soars." - New Haven Register, Read More 

Check out these photos from Long Wharf Theatre's production of The Shadow of the Hummingbird in March 2014.

The Shadow of the Hummingbird premiered at the Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven, CT in March of 2014 under the direction of Gordon Edelstein.



1m, 1boy(s)


Roles for Children, Parts for Senior Actors

Oupa - A retired schoolteacher. An ailing old man in his eighties.
Boba - His grandson. Twelve or thirteen years old.

Athol Fugard

Athol Fugard

Athol Fugard is an internationally acclaimed South African playwright whose best-known work deals with the political and social upheaval of the apartheid system in South Africa. He was educated at the University of Cape Town. His plays include The Captain's Tiger, Valley Song, My Children! My Africa, A Lesson from Aloes, The Island, and the award-winning Sizwe Banzi is Dead. Mr. Fugard has ... view full profile

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