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Bullshot Crummond - Full Length Play, Comedy

Bullshot Crummond

Ron House, Alan Shearman, Diz White, John Neville Andrews, Derek Cunningham

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Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 2f

ISBN: 9780573606458

"Uproarious." - International Herald Tribune

"Marvelous." - London Sunday Telegraph

: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play


Farce, Period, Parody / Spoof

Settings Of Play - A 1930's movie on stage. Simple sets. Two-dimensional cut out "special effects" (bushes, cars, planes, battleship, submarine etc.) Simple, representational set pieces to convey an apartment, a restaurant, a spooky castle.


Unit Set/Multiple Settings, Opportunity for Spectacle

Period Costumes


Appropriate for all audiences


High School/Secondary, College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Large Stage, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups, Church / Religious Groups

This parody of low-budget 30s detective movies typifies British heroism at its dumbest. Teutonic villain Otto Von Brunno and his evil mistress Lenya crash their plane in the English countryside and kidnap Professor Fenton, who has discovered a formula for making synthetic diamonds. Bullshot Crummond is called to the rescue by the professor's daughter Rosemary. The two meet at the Carlton Tea Rooms, where Crummond is convinced that their waiter is Otto in disguise. The real Otto shows up, paralyzes Crummond with a fiendish ray and crams a stick of dynamite in Crummond's mouth that will explode when the next person enters the room. Rosemary enters, but the static electricity in her fur wrap averts the detonation. Crummond and Rosemary pursue Otto and Lenya in a hair-raising car chase, only to plunge over a cliff. They survive and sneak into the dungeons of Otto's hideout - where the professor is being tortured. Crummond loses the ensuing saber duel with Otto. Unperturbed, Crummond finally triumphs by shooting the rest of the cast.
"Uproarious." - International Herald Tribune

"Marvelous." - London Sunday Telegraph



3m, 2f


Ensemble cast, Expandable casting, Flexible casting


If Doubling:

  • First Male plays one character (Bullshot)
  • Second Male plays two characters (Otto) + (Scalissio) in a quick change routine and two characters in simple disguise.
  • Third Male plays SEVEN characters. (Re

Rental Materials


N/A (Not a musical)

Ron House

Ron House

Ron House started his theatrical career as member of the 2nd City Company in his native Chicago. He then moved to Europe where he lived in Rome followed by Barcelona and finally London, where he founded “Low Moan Spectacular”, the London underground Theatre Company that was responsible for Off Broadway hit El Grande De Coca Colawhich ran for 3 years in New York and was produced by Gil Adler ... view full profile

Diz White

Diz White

Other Diz White titles:

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Kip Hendry 7/26/2013 1:14 AM
If you're searching for something for young adult performers, this is a strong choice.  A great play for teen performers, particularly because it is smart enough for an adult production. Script is very funny, pushes actors to learn the craft of comedy, gives lots of room for creative direction.  The multiple-role character can be cast as one, or broken up. Production is stylized enough to be interesting, but simple enough for a low-budget/low-tech theater.  I've been both actor and director in productions of this and absolutely love this show.  

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