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Madame de

Madame de

Jean Anouilh, John Whiting

Madame de. . . has many debts that she keeps from her husband. To pay them she sells to a jewel a pair of earings that Monsuer de. . .had given her on their wedding day.

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When Monsieur de. . . notices the earings have gone he reports them as lost or stolen. the jeweller sees the newspaper report and sells the earings to Monsieur de. . . at an inflated price. He does not give them to his wife but to his mistress. the mistress leaves for South America. Once there she sells the earings to an Ambassador who is leaving for Europe. In Europe he meets Madame de. . . and they become lovers. He gives her the earrings as a lover's gift.

Jean Anouilh

Jean Anouilh was born in Bordeaux on June 23, 1910. After completing his early schooling, Anouilh studied law for a short time at the Sorbonne, and then worked as a copywriter at Publicité Damour. He also wrote comic scenes for the cinema. In 1929 he collaborated with Jean Aurenche on his first play, Humulus Le Muet. It was followed in the same year by Mandarine. In 1931 Anouilh married the ... view full profile

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