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Dressing - 10 Minute Play, Drama


Mona Mansour, Tala Manassah

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10 Minute Play, Drama

1m, 1f

ISBN: 9780573704260

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: Facing Our Truth: Ten Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race and Privilege

Minimum Fee: $45 per performance


10 Minute Play


10 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day, New Millennium/21st Century

Settings Of Play - Their kitchen, his room, and other places, more suggested than literal. The scenes should feel both realistic and abstract. The clothes should be real.


No intermission

Bare Stage/Simple Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Intense Adult Themes


Adult, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


High School/Secondary, College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Reader's Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Large Stage, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups


From Off-Broadway

In Dressing, a short play in three parts, a mother teases her son over his attire just as he gets ready to leave for school. He pushes back playfully; they play this game all the time. Parts two and three follow this mother as she experiences an unimaginable loss, shedding light on the nature of the vulnerability of the physical self.
"The playwrights [of Facing Our Truth...] are Latino, white, Middle Eastern, Asian-American and black ... [The theatre event] was inspired by the debates and nationwide protests that greeted George Zimmerman’s July 13 acquittal in the killing of Mr. Martin, an unarmed black teenager." - Keith Josef Adkins, quoted in The New York Times, Read More

"We're excited to bring our community together to witness how a select group of artists will approach this tragic event and its aftermath ... These are events which, if not considered and explored thoughtfully, could fracture communities." - Michael Ritchie, Artistic Director, Center Theatre Group, Read More 

"Adkins, co-founder and artistic director of The New Black Fest, a New York City–based theatre festival, was so upset by the [verdict acquitting George Zimmerman] ... Days later, still struggling to sort out his feelings of rage, disappointment and confusion, Adkins decided to look for solace and answers where he’d always found them: in the theatre." - Theatre Communications Group, Read More

"Like no other form, theatre definitely promotes dialogue ... It puts us all in a room together, so we’re not just showing the work—we’re also opening communication around the issues that the work stirred up." - Dominique Morisseau, quoted in Theatre Communications Group, Read More
Dressing was originally commissioned for Facing Our Truth: Ten Minute Plays On Trayvon, Race And Privilege and produced by The New Black Fest, Keith Josef Adkins, Artistic Director. The original reading took place at the Martin Segal Theater at CUNY Graduate Center, NYC December 5, 2013.

Facing Our Truth is not associated with the Trayvon Martin Foundation.


1m, 1f


Role(s) for Black Actor(s)

A MOTHER - early to mid-40s, black.
HER SON - 17, smart, sweet, black.
Mona Mansour

Mona Mansour

Mona Mansour’s play The Way West had its world premiere in spring of 2014 at Steppenwolf, directed by Amy Morton. The play received the 2013 Sky Cooper New American Play Prize from Marin Theatre Company, where it will get its West Coast premiere in April 2015. The play received a BareBones workshop at the Lark Play Development Center (directed by Linsay Firman), where Mona was a Fellow in 2012. ... view full profile

Tala Manassah

Tala Jamal Manassah is deputy executive director of the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility, the national leader in school-based social and emotional learning programs. Morningside Center works for a society that is just, peaceful, and truly democratic by working in schools, hand in hand with educators, to make schools joyful, productive spaces where young people develop a ... view full profile

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