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Steve Yockey

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ISBN: 9780573704581

Aquarium is part of Niagara Falls & Other Plays, a collection of heightened short plays that explore what happens when everyday life rubs up against the messy and fantastic mysteries of the universe.

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: Niagara Falls & Other Plays

Minimum Fee: $45 per performance


Settings Of Play - A small hotel room. 

May has loved jellyfish since she was a child. Now as an adult she’s made it a mission to free jellyfish held captive by aquariums.  She means to free as many jellyfish as she can by breaking open their tanks. Her compulsive need to destroy aquariums may seem destructive, but as May soon explains, there’s a history behind her actions.  

Aquarium is included in Niagara Falls and Other Plays

Aquarium was commissioned and produced by Dad’s Garage Theatre Company. Artistic Director Kate Warner and Managing Director Kathryn Colegrove. It premiered on Nov 4, 2005 in the Top Shelf Theatre as a part of the short play cycle Sleepy. Directed by Kate Warner. 

MAY - a young woman, a self-styled hero, her perspective on the world is skewed entirely by a single horrific event in her childhood.
MIKE - an seemingly warm and sincere man who is either sparing May’s feelings or a sociopath.
Steve Yockey

Steve Yockey

Steve Yockey is a Los Angeles based writer with work produced throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. His plays Afterlife, Octopus, Large Animal Games, CARTOON, Subculture, Very Still & Hard to See, The Fisherman’s Wife, Wolves, Disassembly, and Niagara Falls & Other Plays are published and available from Samuel French. Additionally, his play Joshua Consumed an Unfortunate Pear was included in the ... view full profile

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