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Speckled Birds - Full Length Play, Drama

Speckled Birds

Shirley Lauro

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Full Length Play, Drama

2m, 4f

ISBN: 9780573698002

A play about growing up in our "have and have-not" society, and discovering what "family" really is. 

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $100 per performance


Full Length Play


Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day, New Millennium/21st Century

Settings Of Play - A small, rural American town somewhere in the Appalachians.


Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes




College Theatre / Student, Professional Theatre

A play about growing up in our "have and have-not" society, and discovering what "family" really is. Though Angie, an adolescent, lives in a wealthy town, she is poor. Deserted at birth by her mother, her father killed in War, she lives in a trailer with her ailing but loving grandma. Though a gifted athlete, Angie's afraid to compete at her preppie school, feeling she's "trailer trash." While terrified a disliked aunt will soon take her away to live with her and put Grandma in a facility, Angie meets a boy, Theo, at school. Brilliant, wealthy, but an awkward loner, Theo's parents have no time for him and schoolmates taunt him, his only friends being his computer and his bird. Finally, as Angie and Theo form a unique bond as soulmates, they gain the courage to begin their journeys toward adulthood...resolving family problems, and taking actions to utilize their talents at school.

Speckled Birds premiered at Open Eye Theater in Margaretville, NY in May 2003 under the direction of Sharone Stacy.



2m, 4f


Parts for Senior Actors


It is possible that the character of Angie could be played by an actress of an ethnicity other than White.

ANGIE (EVANGELINE) - A country girl. Somewhat naïve. 14. Freshman in high school. Tall, lanky, athletic build but with long, lovely hair, a soulful, beautiful face and a courageous soul. She wears make-shift athletic, then too big jeans and shirt, with her shirt-tail hanging out and later, good athletic clothes. White (see casting note)
THEO - A little older than Angie. Awkward, clumsy, ungainly in some way. Can be very tall, thin, or heavy. Teasing nicknames can be “TEDDY BEAR” or “TEDDY TWIG,” etc., depending on his physical demeanor. Brilliant computer “nerd.” Great heart and sense of humor but painfully shy and needy. White.
GRANDMA - 70ish. Strong featured, Appalachian woman descended from generations of coal miners. A woman who’s come through hard times and survived. Likeable, wise, tough and strong as bespeaks her heritage -- but aging now. White. 
DAD - 30ish. His spirit appears in play as Angie remembers him when he went to War: a strong, warm hearted father and a genuine Appalachian man in a camouflage War uniform. White.
CLARICE - Late 30s. Wears what she thinks are extremely attractive clothes that show her off, although she’s a little too plump, and they don’t. Hostess of the Crystal Café, where she wears black short dress, frilly which apron, very high heels. Angie’s aunt by marriage. Calls it as she sees it, but doesn’t see it. Or calls it – because she is a kind of a “Knoxville Mrs. Malaprop” – misusing and mispronouncing words. But thinks her syntax and vocabulary’re great. Clarice is also lonely and stuck in her life and needy of love. She is trying to overcome this. Somehow. White
MISS DUVAL - Middle-aged woman (No male substitution, if possible). Suit, glasses. Projects a sweet, naiveté, coupled with a prissy, “I’m only here to help and I am right, good, wonderful” quality. Underneath, she wants to hang onto her job and turf above all, and is desperate that there be no cause trouble, scandal, or suspicion anywhere near her. White
Shirley Lauro

Shirley Lauro

Shirley Lauro’s The Radiant enjoyed its World Premiere in March, 2011, at New Theatre, Miami, starring Angelica Torn as Marie Curie. The play will mark its New York off-Broadway premiere in winter, 2013. All Through the Night enjoyed its World Premiere in Chicago, receiving a Jeff Nomination, as “Best New Play of the Year," with subsequent productions at Red Fern Theater (off-Broadway), The Living ... view full profile

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