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The Gulf (One-Act) - Short Play, Drama

The Gulf (One-Act)

Audrey Cefaly

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Short Play, Drama


ISBN: 9780573704802

"As funny as it is powerful, as tender as it is passionate, The Gulf reveals a pair of volatile lovers whose relationship is as sharp as a fishing knife - pointed and dangerous." - Broadway World

Winner of the 40th Annual Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival.

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: Off Off Broadway Festival Plays, 40th Series
: Love is a Blue Tick Hound

Minimum Fee: $45 / performance
$75 / performance of 3 plays
$100 / performance of 4 or more plays

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Short Play


30 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day, New Millennium/21st Century

Settings Of Play -

Present day. A fishing boat. Alabama delta.


No intermission

Exterior Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Alcohol, Strong Language




College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups


Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival

The divide between Kendra and Betty mimics the very world that devours them: a vast and polarizing abyss. On a quiet summer evening, somewhere down in the Alabama Delta, Kendra and Betty troll the flats looking for red fish.  After Betty begins diagnosing Kendra’s dead-end life with career picks from What Color is Your Parachute, their routine fishing excursion takes a violent turn. 

Keywords: Lesbian, LGBT

Published in the Off Off Broadway Festival Plays, 40th Series and Love is a Blue Tick Hound 

Follow this link for the full length version of The Gulf.


Writing the "Lesbian Play: Audrey Cefaly reflects on The Gulf 
by Audrey Cefaly
August 10, 2017

The Gulf first premiered in August of 2010 as part of the Silver Spring Stage One-Act Festival in Silver Spring, MD under the direction of Chris Curtis.





All Female

BETTY - 20s-40s. An optimist. A thinker. Restless and tender-hearted.
KENDRA - 20s-40s. A woman of few words. A loner. Scrappy, dark, brutish and volatile. 
Audrey Cefaly

Audrey Cefaly

Audrey Cefaly is a Southern writer whose work draws inspiration from her home state of Alabama and the Gulf Coast region. Her work is finely tuned to the colorful voices and stories of Southern working class people and seeks to explore the human condition through intimate character-driven vignettes expressly designed and edited to effect a cathartic release for the viewer. More info >> www ... view full profile

Now Playing
Robert Heinly 6/22/2016 6:28 PM
Possibly the most thought-provoking piece in Audrey Cefaly's new collection Love Is a Blue Tick Hound, The Gulf has many meanings. The play takes the desperation of Fin & Euba from this same collection and ups the ante a bit by giving the characters a stronger bond, a romantic one.  The Gulf is the very specific water Betty and Kendra are fishing in.  It is the abyss that imprisons them and threatens to drive them apart.  It is the distance, the representation of their differing views on success and peace and fulfillment; Kendra's simple nature and Betty's driving interest in self-improvement, knowledge and complexity.  I can't wait to see this live, and the surprises that lie in store for me in the full-length version.  I am a person who loves practical magic onstage.  The effect of a boat on the water should be a director and tech crew's dream.  It is not a difficult or complex effect, but one that lends itself to a wide range of creativity, contributing directly to the tension between the characters with claustrophobic closeness, a wonderful contrast to the notion of a gulf...We are reminded too of how so few of us are lucky enough to find our "parachute," that thing we can simply wake up in the morning and do for the rest of our lives.  I believe Ms. Cefaly has found hers.
Maria V d del-Cerro 6/11/2016 11:31 AM
I love Audrey Cefaly​'s work! She writes truthful, provocative, and hilarious dialogue with complex characters that jump off the page.   THE GULF is an extraordinarily unique play full of laughs, charged silences, and high stakes. It is a great challenge for any actress!
Harper Wood 5/28/2016 12:50 AM
Though it has only two characters that we see, there are many more that play a part...the gulf itself, folks to whom the characters allude, food, fishing, Mardi Gras, and the relationship between them all. Powerful script and characters.

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