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Sovereign: Part Three of The Honeycomb Trilogy - Full Length Play, Drama

Sovereign: Part Three of The Honeycomb Trilogy

Mac Rogers

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Full Length Play, Drama

5m, 4f

ISBN: 9780573704987

Sovereignis the third part of Mac Rogers' science fiction epic The Honeycomb Trilogy,three stand-alone plays set in the same universe chronicling a primal conflict that will redefine the nature of the human race.

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play


Science Fiction

120 minutes (2 hours)

Time Period - New Millennium/21st Century

Settings Of Play - The Cooke family’s living room in Coral Gables, FL eight years after the events of Blast Radius.


Interior Set




College Theatre / Student, Professional Theatre

Picking up eight years after the events of Blast Radius, Sovereign completes the story of a sister and a brother at mortal odds in a radically changed Earth. The alien race that has ruled the Earth has fallen to Ronnie’s rebellion, with the few remaining survivors on the run. The human race is slowly rebuilding all over the world. Ronnie is now the battle-scarred governor of what used to be Florida; everyone’s hero and no one’s friend. Until one night, when Ronnie’s soldiers smuggle into her office the greatest war criminal in the world: her brother Abbie, the foremost human ally of the extraterrestrials. When dawn comes, the people of Ronnie’s settlement will certainly discover him and rip him to pieces. As Ronnie grapples with an awful decision about what to do with the man she hates and loves in equal measure, Abbie makes one last desperate move, forcing a confrontation that will forever change the future of the human race. Unfolding over two suspenseful real-time acts, Sovereign brings The Honeycomb Trilogy to a wrenching and unforgettable climax.


Critics' Pick! ”As in Blast Radius, Mr. Rogers displays an impressive control over his sprawling material, creating a convincing postapocalyptic world inside a sturdy theatrical structure [...] Sovereign has a driving pace and a sneaky theatrical intelligence.” - The New York Times, Read More

Critics' Pick! “The crackling alien-takeover drama can operate independently of its former installments. In fact, winding blind through the narrative maze [...] creates the sensation of gradually unfolding truth, of hearing a story at the edge of great complexity." - Time Out NY, Read More

Critics' Pick! "[...] a play every bit as rich and daring as the previous two [...] ably completing the long and stirring transmutation through which Rogers has taken these characters-from small domestic anxieties to far-reaching debates about mankind’s survival in the face of oppression and moral decay.” - Backstage, Read More

“This is science fiction, but first and foremost, it’s effective drama [...] I feel honored to have borne witness to this magnificent series in its entirety. Go.” - Broadwayworld.com, Read More

“[...] an intimate, emotional work, bridging the head and the heart without ever resorting to pathos or unearned sentiment. The emotional material here is so deft that it pushes for real estate on a par with Shakespeare, Ibsen and O’Neill [...] So make the time to catch this show – you’ll regret it if you don’t.” - New York Press, Read More

The Honeycomb Trilogy was originally presented by Gideon Productions in three separate productions over the first half of 2012 at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City, NY. Sovereign premiered in June 2012 under the direction of Jordana Williams.



5m, 4f


Multicultural casting


The Cooke siblings can be any race/ethnicity. It would probably work best if they look biologically related.

RONNIE COOKE – 38, female
ABBIE COOKE – 35, male
FEE – late 20s-30s, 8 years older than in Blast Radius, female, any ethinicity or same ethnicity as in Blast Radius 
ZANDER – 40s, male, any ethnicity
TANYA – 20s, female, any ethnicity
CLARET – 20s to 40s, female, any ethnicity
SHARP – 30s to 40s, male, any ethnicity
WILKIE – 30s to 40s, male, any ethnicity
BUDEEN – late 20s to 40s, male, any ethnicity
  • Yellow Lab Productions trailer for Sovereign


Mac Rogers

Mac Rogers is a playwright and performer who lives in Brooklyn with his fiance Sandy. Playscripts, Inc. previously published his play The Second String. His play Universal Robots was anthologized in the New York Theatre Experience's "Plays and Playwrights 2008" anthology, and Hail Satan won a FringeNYC 2007 Outstanding Playwriting Award. Along with Sean and Jordana Williams, Mac wrote Fleet Week: ... view full profile

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