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Without a Trace and Other Plays - Collection / Anthology, Drama

Without a Trace and Other Plays

Carol K. Mack

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Collection / Anthology, Drama

4m, 2f

ISBN: PWD0000000004

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Digital Manuscript

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance
$45 per short play individually


Collection / Anthology


90 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, 1960s, 18th Century

Settings Of Play -

WITHOUT A TRACE is a play that takes place in the 18th century and can be performed as can The ACCIDENT, A SAFE PLACE, and TERRITORIAL RITES by using artistic talent in imaginative ways with a set that can be abstract or use projections. A SAFE PLACE takes place in a suburban living room but can change by lighting into various locations as the play is all reconstructed scenes. THE ACCIDENT takes place in a bare room with minimal furnishings. TERRITORIAL RITES takes place in the home of a family.


No intermission, Play w/ Music, Special Effects

Bare Stage/Simple Set


Mild Adult Themes, No Special Cautions




Appropriate for all audiences, Adult, Senior


College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Outdoor, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups


The Accident, finalist for Jane Chambers Award, A SAFE PLACE won the Stanley Award, TERRITORIAL RITES finalist for Susan Smith Blackburn Award and CBS/FDG Award

Without A Trace & Other Plays is a collection of 4 award-winning full-length very different plays:

Without a Trace is the story of a famous blind pianist, Maria von Paradies, for whom Mozart wrote his 18th concerto. Maria is "cured" by the charismatic Dr Mesmer but tragically when she loses her sight she is unable to play the piano. It takes place just before a major concert in Vienna.

The Accident takes place in a bare room where a woman who does not know who she is and does not recognze her surroundings is given an "identity" and told not to question anything.

A Safe Place is a psychological mystery about an anthropologist who leaves his two daughters in a boarding school, goes off to do fieldwork in a tribal society, and returns to find one daughter has joined a cult and the other won't speak. He must reconstruct what happened in his absence.

Territorial Rites explores the relationship between a demanding, dying, anti-Semitic mother and her school teacher daughter who still lives at home. Her sister returns home and all hell breaks loose.

Collectively the plays take one on a deeply insightful journey of the human condition.


"From beginning to end Without A Trace is a lucid and poetic production full of humanity and honesty,opening our eyes to the on-going conflict between art and science. BELIEVE IT. SEE IT!" Gareth Davies, The List

"Without A Trace has all the makings of a major event in Scottish theatre!" - The Scotsman

"Once in a great while a new play comes along that is genuinely new, The Accident is such a play!" Jon Lehman, The Patriot Ledger

"Powerful evening of drama offered by A Safe Place. Terrific and a knockout are a couple of words to describe it! Thought-provoking, suspenseful and emotionally powerful!" - Springfield Daily News

"Territorial Rites' script is brittle a funny and there is enough substance in this play to make it clear why this well-known cast has come together for a short run!" Jan Hoffman

WITHOUT A TRACE, 2002, Tron theatre, Glasgow, Scotland, produced by S.O.P. (Sounds of Progress).

THE ACCIDENT, 1995, American Repertory Theatre, Cambridge, MA., produced by Robert Brustein.

A SAFE PLACE, 1981, Berkshire Theatre Festival, Stockbridge, MA., produced in collaboration with Roger Stevens, Kennedy Center, Washington, D.C.

TERRITORIAL RITES, 1984, American Place Theatre, Off Broadway, New York City, produced by Julia Miles, The Women's Project.



4m, 2f


Each of this collection of four plays has very different casting requirements. The Casting Counters refers only to the Title play Without A Trace which has an ensemble as well that can be any number of male and/or female roles.

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