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Look for the Good - Full Length Play, Comedy

Look for the Good

Catherine Davis

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Full Length Play, Comedy

5m, 10f

ISBN: PWD0000000008

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Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play


Adaptations (Literature)

105 Minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day

Settings Of Play -

"Ahead of the Game" takes place in and around Aunt Elizabeth’s home. It has a front door, a living room with a large draped window on the back wall with formal uncomfortable furniture, a hall that leads to other rooms in the house, stairs, front guest bedroom on 2nd floor which has a large window next to the bed and a cluttered attic room with a bed and dresser, many items stored in the space and a small window. There is a garden bench and chair in the yard with a flowered trellis behind it.


IMPORTANT SET NOTE: This can be but does not have to be a full three story set; a few steps up on staggered platforms can indicate and give the correct illusion of different levels.


Interior Set, Exterior Set, Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


No Special Cautions


Appropriate for all audiences, Adult, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


Jr High/Primary, High School/Secondary, College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Outdoor, Large Stage, Church / Religious Groups

There has been a title change from "Look for the Good" to "Ahead of the Game."


Who hasn’t felt like a round peg in a square hole? In "Ahead of the Game” find out how it happens that the whole hole changes shape and not the peg.


"Ahead of the Game" is a contemporary, relevant, humorous and touching story loosely based on that of Pollyanna, the girl who sought to find the good in everything. Although the moniker "Pollyanna" has taken on the bias of one being overly optimistic, there is an alarming need for her message regarding bullying and power imbalance. This play inspires kindness and being a more sensitive, thoughtful, aware and respectful human being.


It is a play for and about all ages and all stages.

There is great potential, added dimension, additional possibilities and relevant lessons to be learned if ethnic diversity is used in casting.

The play runs approximately one hundred minutes, and can be done with or without an intermission.





5m, 10f


Role(s) for Asian Actor(s), Role(s) for Black Actor(s), Role(s) for Latino Actor(s), Ensemble cast, Non-Traditional casting, Cross gender casting, Roles for Children, Room for Extras, Parts for Senior Actors, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Expandable casting, Features Children, Features Teens, Flexible casting, Multicultural casting


Ahead of the Game has a:

-fairly large,
-flexible size (can be expanded or reduced),
-flexible age,
-color neutral,
-heavily female,
-flexible gender (i.e. reverend, principal, ensemble),
-flexible stage setting,
-contemporary script,
-loosely based on a well-known classic,
-with a relevant, important, meaningful uplifting message.

There is great potential, added dimension, additional possibilities and relevant lessons to be learned if ethnic diversity is used in casting.

Aunt Elizabeth Harrington -  age early 40's; attractive yet unapproachable, strong and powerful woman in a tight-knit community. 

Bethany Wade - teenager; optimistic, energetic, good natured, likable. (Consider the potential, added dimension and possibilities if Bethany were cast as a person of color.)

Nancy Williams - age mid-20's - 30's; Aunt Elizabeth's house keeper.

Marianne Snow - age mid-20's - 30's; Nancy's quirky friend.

Shirlee Snow - age mid-50's - 60's; Marianne's negative, hypocondrical mother.

Henry Pendleton - age mid-50's - 60's; reclusive, eccentric.

Dr. Thomas Baron - age 40's; Aunt Elizabeth's love interest.

Michael Bentley - 40's, principal of the private school. (This role could be non gender specific.)

Reverend Ethan Ford - age 40's; reverend of the local church. (This role could be non gender specific.)

Lauren Stevens - teen; friend of Bethany. 

Meg Higgins - teen; friend of Bethany.

Kate Butler - teen; friend of Bethany. 

Jimmy Taylor - teen; friend of Bethany.

Piper Edwards - age 40's; neighborhood woman with whom Aunt Elizabeth interacts. 

Emma Hall - age 40's; neighborhood woman with whom Aunt Elizabeth interacts.


Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis

Catherine Davis has worked as a director and educator since earning an MA in theatre, accumulating approximately 150 full-length productions to her directing credit. She was a Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee member in Chicago, was Suburban Coordinator for SEASON OF CONCERN: the theatre community fights AIDS, created a handful of improvisation troupes, put together original mime shows, and toured ... view full profile

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Alexa Lambert 4/5/2016 11:37 AM
Look for the Good is a relevant, accessible and important new work that speaks to audience of all ages. It is appropriate for all theater groups, including children's theater, high school theatre, all realms of community theatre and professional theater. The timeless themes of optimism and anti-bullying have never been so pertinent. This excellent work has a strong message; it is morally based without preaching and maintains an exciting and interesting plot while developing complex characters. I strongly suggest this script for all groups! Five stars!
Bruce Bloom 3/24/2016 11:32 AM
I just finished reading the great new play, Look for the Good, by Catherine Davis.  What a lovely, heartfelt, insightful play! I smiled, laughed, cried and felt better about the human race (which is greater considering what is going on in the world today!)  This is a play that will touch the hearts, should and minds of every age group from middle school to seniors.  As someone who has been involved in community theater and middle school/high school theater, I believe this play is perfect for a verity of audiences.  I can see this being staged at the high school level, where the students will resonate with the younger characters and recognize the older characters as people in their lives.  The audience will recognize themselves and those they love.

I loved the characters, expertly developed over the short span of this play.  I followed the story well, and got the ending I had hoped for, even though there were moments when I was worried about how the main characters would fare.  The tension was great, and helped me be more joyful and emotionally connected at the end.  This is a feel good show that doesn't shirk its responsibility to discuss tough issues in relationships and life.  If you're looking for something good to produce, "Look for the Good!"
Sheila Mahoney 3/21/2016 4:25 PM
Ms. Davis took a classic tale and gave it a fresh, youthful twist for modern audiences.  It is well-paced, and uses music, action and dialogue to move the story. It would be well received by all ages, and invites commentary about the themes and storyline.  Congratulations to the author on a terrific play.  We hope to see more from you in the future!

From Sheila Mahoney

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