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Clean (Cefaly) - Short Play, Dramatic Comedy

Clean (Cefaly)

Audrey Cefaly

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Short Play, Dramatic Comedy

1m, 1f

ISBN: 9780573705045

Lina, a worn out waitress, is having the 'worst day of her life.'

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: Love is a Blue Tick Hound

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Short Play

Dramatic Comedy

Romantic Comedy

30 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day

Settings Of Play -

A restaurant. Anywhere. Present day.
(this can be represented simply by the use of few chairs and a bistro table)


No intermission

Interior Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Strong Language




High School/Secondary, College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups


Winner of the Maryland One-Act Festival and the Eastern States One-Act Festival

WINNER! Silver Spring Stage One-Act Festival, 2009

Lina, a worn out waitress, is having the 'worst day of her life.' She and Roberto, a quiet, unassuming dishwasher, and one who has admired her from afar, sit alone in the diner at midnight and share stories about their lonely lives.

Clean premiered at Silver Spring Stage in Silver Spring, MD in 2009 where it won the Silver Spring Stage One-Act Festival. It was directed by Leta Hall.



1m, 1f


Role(s) for Asian Actor(s), Role(s) for Black Actor(s), Role(s) for Latino Actor(s), Multicultural casting


The role of Roberto be played as either Hispanic or Italian or any other language that is well-suited to the actor's dialect range. (As such, language substitution within the text is permissible). 

Flexibility in casting is encouraged, especially in the areas of age-range and ethnicity.

LINA - A waitress. Any age. A disheveled woman who looks older than her years.
ROBERTO - An immigrant. A dishwasher. Any age. A gentle soul, prone to bouts of exuberance. The part may be played as either Hispanic or Italian or any other language that is well-suited to the actor's dialect range. (As such, language substitution within the text is permissible).

Audrey Cefaly

Audrey Cefaly

Cefaly is published by Samuel French, Smith & Kraus (two volumes of Best American Short Plays), and Applause Books. She is an outspoken proponent of silence in story-telling and has authored numerous articles on the topic of playwriting for HowlRound and Samuel French’s Breaking Character Magazine. Cefaly’s play THE GULF won the 40th Annual Samuel French OOB Festival and was later adapted into ... view full profile

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Robert Heinly 6/22/2016 6:16 PM
Roberto and Lina have worked together for five years.  If you've ever worked in a restaurant that is a pretty long time.  Especially to find love at the end of the day.  Of the four plays that comprise Ms Cefaly's award-winning collection Love Is a Blue Tick Hound, this is my personal favorite.  I find myself reading it over and over again with tears and a lump in my throat every time.  Love that sneaks up and taps you on the shoulder when you least expect it is for me the best kind.  This is tender, funny, and as with all of Cefaly's stories...honest (make sure you cast two people with a strong connection). Love is mystical and magical but its absence stands even more than its presence. This is yet another wonderful facet of Cefaly's writing.  The reader and audience are led on journeys of anguish and discovery that take mere minutes onstage but seem to develop over great periods of time, delicious eternities.
Glory Gallo 6/17/2016 1:32 PM
I had the honor of playing the role of Lina in the NYC production. The writing flows with heartache, hope, and real life humor. It's beautiful in it's simplicity and doesn't try to be more than what it is. A story about two lost souls. Audience members felt like voyeurs - peeking through a crack in the diner door. Riveting and fresh, this play pulls the actors as well as the audience into the world of two lonely people at the end of a very long night. Audrey's writing always seems to make this happen. She'll take you for a ride into the lives of her characters effortlessly. And you will love the trip!
Troy Miller-Cassegrain 6/11/2016 9:41 PM
I had the privilege of directing this play in NYC and was BLOWN away from the first time I read the play. The world that Ms. Cefaly creates is beautiful, complete and touching that immediately I knew the play was special. What struck me the most was how both characters at their core are compelling and how you root for them. Ms. Cefaly has written a piece that blends heart ache, love, humor and the human condition in such a way that makes you lean in as the play unfolds. I highly recommend this play!!!!

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