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Angry Fags - Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

Angry Fags

Topher Payne

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Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

3m, 4f

ISBN: PMS0000000103

An “uncompromising Oscar Wilde-meets-Fight Club fantasia” about how good ideas go bad, with fascinating forays into American politics, bomb building, and pistachios.

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Full Length Play

Dark Comedy

120 minutes (2 hours)

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day

Settings Of Play -

Several locations around Atlanta, GA.


Stage Combat, Multimedia

Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Gun Shots, Strong Language, Mild Adult Themes, Nudity/Partial Nudity




College Theatre / Student, Professional Theatre, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

Bennett is really trying to keep it together right now. He broke up with his boyfriend and moved in with his best friend Cooper. It’s election season, and he’s the speechwriter for Georgia’s only gay state senator, who’s engaged in a bloody campaign against a conservative darling. Then Bennett’s ex is attacked in the parking lot of a gay bar. Bennett and Cooper are informed that the assault can’t be classified as a hate crime- because in Georgia, hate crimes against homosexuals don’t legally exist. Their frustration and fear eventually turns to rage, as they realize that “acceptance” simply isn’t enough- they’re still living in a society that relegates them to second-class status. They’re not respected. They’re not feared. It’s time for that to change.

An “uncompromising Oscar Wilde-meets-Fight Club fantasia” about how good ideas go bad, with fascinating forays into tribalism,  American politics, bomb building, and pistachios.


"Topher Payne's uncompromising Oscar Wilde-meets-Fight Club fantasia." - American Theatre Magazine 

"A gay gentleman's guide to love and murder... Filled with tension but laced with moments of black humor and rigged with unexpected twists and turns." - The Chicago Tribune

"A must-see... The show addresses serious subject matter in an empathetic and sensetive matter, with a generous helping of relatable humor." - Examiner.com 

"Payne gives us two likeable killer queens whose road to domestic terrorism is paved with Paula Deen jokes... Witty, dark, and disconcerting." - Out Magazine 

"Undeniably relevant and hard-hitting." - The GA Voice

Angry Fags premiered at 7 Stages in Atlanta, GA (Heidi S. Howard, Artistic Director) in February 2013 under the direction of Justin Anderson.



3m, 4f


Role(s) for Black Actor(s), Multicultural casting

BENNETT RIGGS - 30s. Speechwriter for a state senator. Cautiously optimistic, affable. Conflicted.
COOPER HARLOW - 30s. Bennett’s roommate. Caustic, clever, unpredictable. A fancy badass.
SENATOR ALLISON HAINES - 40s. A former activist, now the only out lesbian in the Georgia State Senate. Pragmatic, thoughtful, flawed. A dedicated public servant now wondering what happens when she’s no longer celebrated by the public.
KIMBERLY PHILLIPS - 30s. The senator’s office manager, a married mother of two. Good-humored, quick, overworked. Probably really enjoyed her early twenties.
ADAM LOWELL - 30s. The senator’s chief of staff. Undeniably appealing and charmingly square. Likely owns a lot of books about Bobby Kennedy.
PEGGY MUSGROVE - 40s. The senator’s opponent. Genuine, witty, nimble. A black female Republican, with all the conflicts and potential advantages that implies. She’s found a way to weaponize being othered.
DEIRDRE PRESTON - 50s. A local broadcasting legend. Has the shrewd and discerning eye of a brilliant woman who believes her best days are still ahead of her.

Topher Payne

Topher Payne

In 2014, The American Theatre Critics Association awarded Topher Payne’s play Perfect Arrangement the M. Elizabeth Osborn Prize for Best Play by An Emerging Playwright. The play went on to be produced Off-Broadway in 2015 by Primary Stages and MARS Theatricals, and was a finalist for a 2017 Lambda Literary Award. His other works for the stage include Evelyn in Purgatory, Swell Party, The Only ... view full profile

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Daniel Guyton 4/5/2016 11:12 PM
I saw this play at 7 Stages in Atlanta, GA, and wow did it bowl me over! Comedy is Topher Payne's milieu, but this one packs a gut punch. The play starts as a buddy comedy, with two gay friends gleefully mocking the society and people around them. Their banter is witty and hilarious. As another reviewer puts it, the wit feels reminiscent of Oscar Wilde's best work. However, after one of their friends is attacked and left critically wounded by a homophobe in a bar, the two friends plan their revenge - not just on homophobic men in a nightclub, but on homophobic politicians and society as a whole. The play manages to maintain its wit, even as the characters delve into some very dark territory, but after one particularly violent act, they realize there is no turning back. The play not only offers great insight into the anger and rage felt by a community that is far too often maligned and marginalized, it also manages to deliver a whopper of a moral that maybe, just maybe, violence isn't the answer. Of course, most of us know that already, but "Angry F-gs" delivers that message in a way that leaves you breathless. This is some of the finest dark comedy I've ever seen.

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