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Snowfall in Berlin, A - Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

Snowfall in Berlin, A

Don Nigro

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Full Length Play, Dark Comedy

2m, 4f

ISBN: 9780573705274

In this moving and powerful ensemble piece, a police detective investigates the mysterious death of a young Mexican actress in a bathtub.

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play

Dark Comedy

Settings Of Play - New York City in the present, and Berlin, some years earlie


No intermission

Unit Set/Multiple Settings

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Mild Adult Themes


Death, Media




College Theatre / Student, Professional Theatre, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

In this moving and powerful ensemble piece, a police detective investigates the mysterious death of a young Mexican actress in a bathtub. She has been making a film about a girl who dies in a bathtub, directed by a beautiful and charismatic but troubled Russian woman who seems to have cast a spell on the others involved: a cynical, womanizing British screenwriter who wants desperately to sleep with her, a frustrated Irish actress, and a sardonic Italian assistant director. Was it an accident, suicide or murder? As the detective gets pulled deeper and deeper into the complex and passionate world of these people, he finds himself becoming obsessed both with the dead girl in the tub and the Russian director who might be her killer. The play moves back and forth in time and space as the detective begins putting the pieces of the puzzle together. But what is reality, and what is just a movie? The deeper in he goes, the more haunting the puzzle. Is he in a movie, too? Theatre, film noir and dream combine to pull us into the maelstrom with him.


"Nigro’s language is beautiful. The dialogue flows, layers, and overlaps creating a dramatic poetry that washes over the audience. The eccentric characters are distinct and fully realized." - Theasy.com, Read More 

Check out these photos from Nylon Fusion Theatre's production of A Snowfall in Berlin in March 2014.

A Snowfall in Berlin premiered at the Nylon Fusion Theatre Company in New York City in March 2014 under the direction of Shaun Peknic.



2m, 4f


Role(s) for Latino Actor(s)

NATASHA - Russian, a director (37)
EMILIA - Italian, her assistant (42)
COATES - British, a screenwriter (43)
ROSA - Mexican, an actress (25)
MEGAN - Irish, her friend (25)
MULLIGAN - a police detective (44)
Don Nigro

Don Nigro

Don Nigro is among the most frequently published and widely produced playwrights in the world and has continued to build a deeply interrelated and diverse body of dramatic literature, employing a wide variety of dramatic conventions and styles of presentation. He has written monologues and epics, spare realistic dramas and surreal homicidal puppet farces, plays with music and verse plays. He ... view full profile

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