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Nice Family Christmas, A - Full Length Play, Comedy

Nice Family Christmas, A

Phil Olson

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Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 4f

ISBN: PMS0000000116

From the playwright who brought you A Nice Family Gathering comes a follow-up play for the holidays!

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: Pre-Publication Manuscript
Acting Edition

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Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play



Time Period - Contemporary

Settings Of Play - Christmas Eve in the living room of Mom's apartment in a suburb of Minneapolis.


Interior Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Appropriate for all audiences, Adult, Senior


Community Theatre, Professional Theatre

From the playwright who brought you A Nice Family Gathering comes a follow-up play for the holidays! The family members all come back together to celebrate Christmas, this time without their father Carl Sr. The siblings encounter more bad news as their mother announces she has cancer. One by one, the siblings are all called upon to commit a good deed for a family member so that their mother will comply with making her first doctor's appointment, but a final twist proves that mother knows best. Showing the true meaning of the holiday spirit, Phil Olson's sequel will warm your heart and remind you of the importance of family.


3m, 4f


Parts for Senior Actors

CARL - 20's - 30's. The middle brother. Grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Michael, the doctor. Has a little inferiority complex toward Michael. He writes a column for the Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper.
MOM - 50's - 60's. Very nice. Always putting on a happy face, her goal is to keep the peace and get thru the family event without incident. Mom’s husband, Carl (senior), died three years ago. She's doing her best to get over the loss and keep everyone happy.
GRANDMA - 70's - 80's. A real character. Grew up in a one room house with 10 brothers and sister on a farm in northern North Dakota. Had a very tough life growing up. She is tough as nails, and wants everyone else to be, too. Think Estelle Getty on "The Golden Girls."
MICHAEL - 20's - 30's. The older brother. The doctor. A little nerdy. Wears a bow tie. The favorite son, at least at first. He’s a little self absorbed, a little blind to what he needs to do to keep his marriage to Jill, his wife, intact. 
STACY - 20's - 30's. The younger sister. Nice. Kind of a wholesome innocence, even given what we learn about her. Overlooked, but not angry about it. 
UNCLE BOB - 50's - 60's. A partier. Fun loving. Has an agenda. Everyone has a crazy Uncle Bob. 
JILL - 20's - 30's. Michael's trophy wife. Emotional from being hormonal. Sometimes a little spacey. The only one who seems to understand Grandma’s crazy sayings.
Phil Olson

Phil Olson

Phil Olson grew up in Edina, Minnesota, home of the first indoor mall. His father’s grandparents came over from Norway and homesteaded a farm north of Fargo, North Dakota. His mother’s grandparents also came over from Norway and ended up in Virginia, Minnesota; the iron range. Mr. Olson played varsity football, basketball, and track at Edina East High School, winning the Minnesota State High ... view full profile

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