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Dangerous Music: The American Century Cycle Monologues (A Tool for Actors) - Monologues

Dangerous Music: The American Century Cycle Monologues (A Tool for Actors)

August Wilson

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ISBN: 9780573706424

by August Wilson
Edited by Constanza Romero and Zoe Wilson
Collection of monologues from each play of the American Century Cycle written by August Wilson.

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As one of the most celebrated playwrights and distinct voices of the American Theatre, August Wilson's plays have influenced theater artists for decades. His works span the 20th Century, each play encapsulating the changes and consistencies in language, society, and the human spirit of each decade. Actors now have the opportunity to engage directly with the monologues from Wilson's American Century Cycle. The monologues are broken down chronologically beginning with content from Gem of the Ocean and ending with Radio Golf, each with a brief synopsis of where the monologue occurs in the play.

Dangerous Music was created in conjunction with the August Wilson Monologue Competition.


“It is language that defi nes and distinguishes the August Wilson text. Each character’s speech – rich in rhythm and ripe with metaphor- conveys the depth of personal longings and the complexity of collective thought; revealing the human heart. So it is with Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean.” - Phylicia Rashad

“August’s singular style of blues based debate slides artfully from muscular banter, to direct professions of love, to tightly reasoned rage. The life is in the language. The glue of community binds the characters in interdependence. Whether they respect each other or suspect each other, they know they have each other. It’s true for the entire cycle, but most particularly the workplace plays.” - Stephen McKinley Henderson

“August had an incredible ear and he wrote the dialogue the way he heard it, adding his own magic touch as well. His characters are people who paint with language. They speak, in a sense, almost poetically by nature. One must honor and pay attention to the ways and style of our grandparents who migrated from the south where they were “southern colored people” and when they came north the only thing that changed was the location. In August Wilson’s writing there is no time to comment on what you say just respect the cadence, the couplets and triplets. These people have incredible wit, honesty and integrity. To survive in this country chasing the American dream it was imperative. Sometimes it takes three sentences to express one passionate, urgent, thought. It’s mellifl uous, poetic and never pondered. It is part of the beauty of who we are descendants of the African griots; the keepers of our history, our culture, who never let us forget the glory of who we descended from. That’s August Wilson.” - Ruben Santiago-Hudson

August Wilson

August Wilson

August Wilson (April 27, 1945-October 2, 2005) authored Gem of the Ocean, Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, The Piano Lesson, Seven Guitars, Fences, Two Trains Running, Jitney, King Hedley II, and Radio Golf. These works explore the heritage and experience of the descendants of Africans in North America, decade-by-decade, over the course of the twentieth century, forming the ... view full profile

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