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Prescription for Murder - Full Length Play

Prescription for Murder

Norman Robbins

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Full Length Play

3m, 4f

ISBN: 9780573113383

There is never a dull moment for Dr. Richard Forth, what with a hectic work schedule, an awkward friendship with his ex-girlfriend and his wife Barbara who is constantly ill, though nobody knows what is wrong with her. A stranger claims to have known Richard's second fiancee, whom Richard claims do…

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: Acting Edition

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Full Length Play


In the seemingly quiet town of Bere Knighton there is never a dull moment for Dr. Richard Forth.  Not only does h have a hectic work schedule and an awkward friendship with his ex-girlfriend, but his wife, Barbara, is constantly ill and nobody knows what is wrong with her.  When Eric Dawson, a stranger, claims to have known Richard's second fiancee - a woman richard claims does not exist - Barbara's health worsens and she isn't the only one.  With bad luck spreading almost as quickly as bad news, it seems somebody is out to kill Barbara, and anyone else who gets in their way. 



3m, 4f

Norman Robbins

Norman Robbins

Norman, one of Amateur Theatre's most popular authors wrote his first stage show almost 60 years ago whilst working for the Yorkshire Evening Post. An avid theatre-goer from the age of 3, (his Grand-parents ran the pub near the local theatre so free tickets were always available) he was equally fascinated by Operettas, Musical Comedies, Oratorios, Plays and Pantomimes. A keen amateur actor and ... view full profile

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