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Jasper in Deadland - 'The Forgetting' (Sheet Music)

Jasper in Deadland - 'The Forgetting' (Sheet Music)

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ISBN: SO00000000043

In Ryan Scott Oliver’s song, “The Forgetting” from Jasper in Deadland, Gretchen teaches Jasper what happens to your mind when you enter Deadland. 

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Digital Sheet Music

"The Forgetting" from the 2016 musical Jasper in Deadland.

Jasper in Deadland follows Jasper, a young man lost in the living world. When you’re failing classes, kicked off the swim team, and your family is on the skids, life can feel like it’s going to hell. Yet, in all the disappointment, Jasper has his best friend, Agnes. In one night of teenage passion, Jasper and Agnes consummate a years-long friendship. But in the morning Agnes is gone, telling Jasper to meet her at their cliff. When he arrives there’s no sign of his best friend, only a swirling vortex to another world in the water below. Jasper dives into Deadland.

Pages: 7

Scoring: Piano/Vocal/Chords

Tempo: Slow Waltz

Range: A3 – B4

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