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Church - Full Length Play, Drama


Young Jean Lee

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Full Length Play, Drama

ISBN: 9780822235989

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Full Length Play


THE STORY: Acclaimed playwright and director Young Jean Lee transforms her life-long struggle with Christianity into an exuberant church service. Both celebratory and confrontational, CHURCH will test the expectations of religious and non-religious alike—looking deep into why we believe what we believe.
"“[Lee’s] slyly subversive drama ambushes its audience with an earnest and surprisingly moving Christian church service that might be the most unlikely provocation produced in years…the point here is not to convert so much as to confront. Ms. Lee has a talent for evocative and sometimes grotesque imagery, and on the attack she is at the height of her powers.” —The New York Times. “…Lee’s writing displays her customary surgical precision and menace, a rhetorically supple mix of invective and goofiness. And while she uses parable and drops the odd Biblical phrase…she seems more intent on roasting her audience’s secular complacency than blaspheming or exposing the machinery of belief…” —Time Out (New York)."
Young Jean  Lee

Young Jean Lee

Young Jean Lee has been called “hands down, the most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation” by the New York Times and “one of the best experimental playwrights in America” by Time Out New York. She has written and directed nine shows in New York with her company, Young Jean Lee’s Theater Company and toured her work to over thirty cities around the world. Her plays have been published ... view full profile

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