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Audition Arsenal For Men In Their 30's: 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes & Under (Monologue Audtion Series)

Audition Arsenal For Men In Their 30's: 101 Monologues by Type, 2 Minutes & Under (Monologue Audtion Series)

Janet B Milstein

ISBN: 9781575253992

Prepare your audition repertoire with the most innovative monologue series to date-Audition Arsenal!

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: Trade Paperback
Are you tired of buying monologue books only to discard half of the pieces because they are outside of your age range? Not anymore! The first four books in this breakthrough series are for: Women in their 20s, Men in their 20s, Women in their 30s, and Men in their 30s. That means 101 monologues per book, 2 minutes and under, that are all usable by you! And it gets even better. The Audition Arsenal books are organized by type so you will have dynamic, memorable, contemporary monologues that demonstrate your ability to handle any role. Each type is defined by a specific personality trait, allowing you to showcase the qualities crucial to a particular character or role. In addition, choosing contrasting types is a great way to show your range in general auditions. The types are broken down by tone-comedic, dramatic, or seriocomic. Searching is easy, accurate, and fun! 

Here are the types you will find in this book: Wacky/Quirky/Odd, Persuasive/Inspirational, High-strung/Neurotic/Stressed-out, Intimidating/Tough/Dangerous, Blunt/Direct, Joyful/Enthusiastic/Excited, Angry/Fed Up, Romantic/In love, Vulnerable/Hurt/Exposed, Haunted/Guilt-ridden.
The Audition Arsenal series is a priceless resource for acting teachers and coaches, and the perfect tool to prepare you to land your next role-no matter what it calls for. Monologues for your gender, in your age range, by type and tone-getting cast has never been this easy!

Janet B Milstein

Janet B. Milstein is an actor, award-winning acting instructor, private acting coach, best-selling author, and series editor. She has also written/co-written several screenplays and plays, directed both theater and film, and cast several projects. Janet received her MFA in Acting from SUNY Binghamton in New York and her BA in Theatre with Distinction from the University of Delaware. Janet has an ... view full profile

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