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I'll Be Back Before Midnight! - Full Length Play, Drama

I'll Be Back Before Midnight!

Peter Colley

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Full Length Play, Drama

2m, 2f

ISBN: 9780874408409

"More spine tingling than Deathtrap. My ears still ring form the screams of the girls behind me." - McKenzie Porter, The Toronto Sun

"It's a first rate thriller.." - London Free Press

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Full Length Play




Interior Set

Jan is a young wife recovering from a nervous disorder.  She and her husband rent a remote cabin from an odd farmer who delights in telling gruesome ghost stories.  Then the husband's strange sister arrives, and all manner of frightening events occur.  What happens to fragile Jan as bodies appear and disappear give this classic thriller its tremendously frightening impact.  Now performed in 31 countries and a major motion picture!


"No amount of praise seems excessive, you’ll either be shivering in your seat or rolling out of it with laughter." - New York Theatre Voice

"More spine tingling than Deathtrap.  My ears still ring form the screams of the girls behind me." -  The Toronto Sun

"It's a first rate thriller.." - London Free Press

"This suspense filled play is likely to be the season's most entertaining production." - London Gazette

"Wonderfully spooky... somewhere between an Agatha Christie mystery and a Hitchcock thriller. Peter Colley sends up the haunted house bit with witty dialogue and at the next moment interrupts the audiences laughter with a good, heartthumping scare... a really good ghost story." - Toronto Globe and Mail

"Leave a lot of lights on at home after you see this play." - CBS Radio

The Blyth Festival Theatre.



2m, 2f

Now Playing
Lanira Postell 8/19/2015 3:32 PM
This play was filled with action and thought provoking situations. The stage directions in Act 2 were very detailed and it would be interesting to see this play live.

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