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Large Animal Games - Full Length Play, Comedy

Large Animal Games

Steve Yockey

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Full Length Play, Comedy

4m, 3f

ISBN: 9780573698491

"An engaging writer, particularly skillful in depicting the poignant comedy of lovers' misunderstandings" —SF Chronicle

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance

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Full Length Play


Romantic Comedy

75 Minutes

Time Period - Contemporary


No intermission, Physical Comedy

Interior Set, Unit Set/Multiple Settings, Opportunity for Spectacle

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Gun Shots, Strong Language, Mild Adult Themes, Nudity/Partial Nudity




College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Reader's Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Large Stage, Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

This incisive, unexpected, and larger than life tale of sex, love, and self delusion tracks the overlapping escapades of a group of friends old enough to know better in love but still naive enough to mess things up anyway, and the man who supplies them with equal parts tough love, lingerie and self awareness. In a series of fluid scenes, Large Animal Games takes a comically skewed and razor-sharp look at modern relationships through a mix of bullfights, big game hunting and intimate apparel.

"Yockey's plays frequently involve the human fascination with violence, self-destruction and other dark impulses, but Large Animal Games turns out to be his brightest and most open-hearted work, and even the bittersweet moments retain a generosity of spirit." - Creative Loafing

"The play has a touch of the magical dimension familiar to audiences who saw [Yockey's] Skin or Octopus, but it operates here in a more lighthearted way, while still nicely augmenting the subtly related themes of animal-lust, competition, self-image and possesion cleverly at work under the frilly, scanty surface." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"We are all animals, according to Yockey. And as such, we're enslaved by our primal instincts. The characters in Large animal Games all desire intimacy or fulfillment, but they have different - sometimes bizarre - ways of seeking it." - East Bay Express

"Light-hearted... subtly related themes of animal-lust, competition, self-image and possession cleverly at work...well-honed, true-to-life-repartee" —SF Bay Guardian

"An engaging writer, particularly skillful in depicting the poignant comedy of lovers' misunderstandings" —SF Chronicle



4m, 3f


Ensemble cast


No Chorus

ROSE - A woman; lots of hope; lots of plans; lots to say about everything; a total fan of anything she can pair with a smart skirt; not a good listener.
NICOLE - A woman; far too analytical for her surroundings. Hipster stylish, but not as cool as she thinks. Poor timing. And probably not a good judge of men.
MIGUEL - A man from Spain; sexy; along for the ride. Sweetly, innocently unkempt, jeans, shirt, but everything is appropriately tight, he is basically a fantasy.
ALICIA - A woman; attractive; self-assured; appearance, appearance & more appearance. Not in a bad way, just a fact. Every little detail is in place. Every one.
STAN - A man; attractive; an everyman; almost perfect. Almost. Button up shirt and slacks. Probably glasses, but they look good. Confident.
VALERIE - An African-American woman; “othered” in her own life; no nonsense and looking for answers abroad. Dressed for travel, maybe a hat.
JIMMY - A man; dry, unexpected; wise but casual. White v-neck t-shirt, jeans, maybe some colored tennis shoes, a measuring tape around his neck and a pencil behind his ear. Magical, but nothing overt.
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N/A (Not a musical)

Steve Yockey

Steve Yockey

Steve Yockey is a Los Angeles based writer with work produced throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. His plays Afterlife, Octopus, Large Animal Games, CARTOON, Subculture, Very Still & Hard to See, The Fisherman’s Wife, Wolves, Disassembly, and Niagara Falls & Other Plays are published and available from Samuel French. Additionally, his play Joshua Consumed an Unfortunate Pear was included in the ... view full profile

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