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Little by Little - Full Length Musical

Little by Little

Hal Hackady, Brad Ross, Ellen Greenfield, Annette Jolles

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Full Length Musical

1m, 2f

ISBN: 9780573626463

Music by Brad Ross
Lyrics by Ellen Greenfield
Lyrics by Hal Hackady
Story by Annette Jolles and Ellen Greenfield

"A lot of fun [...] A refreshing, intimate show." - New York Post

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Full Length Musical


Bare Stage/Simple Set

This delightful story, told all in song, traces the lives of three friends who have known each other since childhood. It chronicles the emotional traps that catch us all as we confront the hilarity and heartbreak of living and loving.

"A lot of fun [...] A refreshing, intimate show." - New York Post

"Charming [...] You actually care which girl will get the guy." - The Village Voice

"Sharp and sassy. You leave the theater feeling buoyant." - Miami Herald

"This little musical makes a big impression." - The Palm Beach Post

"A beguiling journey in which we recognize ourselves every step of the way." - Miami Sun Sentinel



1m, 2f

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Piano Only

5 Piano/Vocal Scores
Song Samples

"Friendship and Love"

"Homework" & "Tag"

"Little by Little I" & "Life and All That"



"Just Between Us"

"I'm Not"

"Little by Little II" & "A Little Hustle"

"Bouquet Time"


"Little by Little III" & "Yes"

"The Schmooze"

"Take the World Away"


"If You Only Knew"

"Little by Little IV", "Yes (Reprise)", & "If You Loved Me"

"I'm Not (Reprise)"

"Tell Me"

"I Ought to Cry"

"Little by Little V" & "So it Goes"

"Popcorn II"

"I'm a Rotten Person"

"A Journey that Never Ends"

  • "I'm Not"

  • "Take the World Away"

  • "I Ought to Cry"

  • "Popcorn"

  • "Popcorn"

  • "I'm Not"

  • "Take the World Away"


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Samantha Morrow 9/24/2013 12:42 AM
The story is well written, clever and the music is amazing! I only wish someone would write a similar story, appropriate for younger audiences.

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