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Barnes Plays: v.2: 'Red Noses', 'Sunset Glories', 'Nobody Here But Us Chickens', 'Columbus', 'Socrates' - Full Length Play, Comedy

Barnes Plays: v.2: 'Red Noses', 'Sunset Glories', 'Nobody Here But Us Chickens', 'Columbus', 'Socrates'

Peter Barnes, Peter Barnes

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Full Length Play, Comedy

18m, 5f

ISBN: 9780413680303

A mixture of social satire, comedy and tragedy. This volume contains two major plays, "Red Noses" and "Sunset Glories", and a series of three short plays on disability including "Nobody Here But Us Chickens". Two plays on figures from the past, "Columbus"

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A selection of plays by "one of the most original and biting comic writers working in Britain" (The Times) The Spirit of Man is "an ingenious triple-bill exploring Man's need for faith through three short satires based in medieval France, Protectorate England and nineteenth-century Eastern Europe" (Independent); Nobody Here But Us Chickens is a linked trilogy of satires on New Age, corporate and bedroom politics. Red Noses is a political satire about the plague and takes place in 1348. Set in medieval Italy during a crisis in the Church, Sunsets and Glories is "a work of the highest and most thrilling theatrical energy" (Independent on Sunday), whilst Bye Bye Columbus is a "highly entertaining" (Guardian) television play."Peter Barnes is one of the unrecognised geniuses of the English theatre" (Plays and Players)
"A brilliant play.... A tremendous life affirming piece that celebrates the human spirit while deriding those who would tyrannize and encase it." - London Guardian

"Wonderful play ... about laughter; how it can keep us sane in one kind of crisis and play us false in another." - L.A. Times

"An extraordinary morality play.... Barnes is our most gifted contemporary Jonsonian." - London Financial Times



18m, 5f


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Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes (1931 – 2004) was called in The Times "one of the most original and biting comic writers working in Britain". His widely successful 1968 play The Ruling Class helped steer English theater away from naturalism, and was turned into an acclaimed film starring Peter O'Toole. In 1985, Barnes' play Red Noses won him an Olivier Award. Barnes also found success as a writer for film, ... view full profile

Other Peter Barnes titles:

Other Peter Barnes titles:

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Charles Perry 6/2/2016 3:02 PM
This play is on my bucket list.  Must direct before I die.  Only trouble is finding a producing organization that doesn't flinch at "It's about a group of ecclesiastical clowns who minister to people during the bubonic plague in Europe..."

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