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Happy Anniversary, Angel! Love, Gino - Full Length Play, Comedy

Happy Anniversary, Angel! Love, Gino

Jay D. Spencer, Stefanie R. Coletti, Cheryl D. Smith

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Full Length Play, Comedy

10m, 8f

ISBN: 9780573632631

An Audience Participation Play by Family Jewels Creations
Conceived and Written by J.D. Spencer, C.D. Smith, and S.R. Coletti
"A whacky and original audience participation production!" - The Sun Journal

"If you liked Tony N' Tina's wedding...you'll want to celebrate Gino and Angel's anniversary." - The Canton Repository

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play


90 minutes


Audience Participation/Interactive

Interior Set




College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre

Gino Paolucci is throwing a big anniversary bash for his beautiful wife, Angel! You're invited to join in the celebration of their fifth wedding anniversary as they renew their vows at the zaniest party you'll ever be a part of! Watch the loving couple attempt to "re-tie their knot" and witness the crazy calamities and mishaps surrounding the celebration. Then sit down to a sizzling family feast, dance to a live DJ and interact with the Guests of Honor and their crazy but lovable relatives and delightful friends!
"A whacky and original audience participation production!" - The Sun Journal

"If you liked Tony N' Tina's wedding...you'll want to celebrate Gino and Angel's anniversary." - The Canton Repository

Happy Anniversary, Angel! Love, Gino was first presented by the North Canton Playhouse, in association with Family Jewels Creations, at the Four Points Sheraton in Canton, Ohio, on February 10, 2001. It was directed by Stephanie Lynn Hester.


10m, 8f


Ensemble cast, Drag performance


Extended charater descriptions provided in appendix in script.

ANGEL ASTOR-PAOLUCCI - early 30s socialite, spoiled, airhead mother of two boys, devoted to Gino
GINO ORLANDO PAOLUCCI - host, early 30s, owns Gino's Family Jewels, proud Italian, deoted family man, idolizes "The Godfather" concept
MUFFIN ASTOR - Angel's older sister, 30s, streetwise, biker chick in love with Gino, jealous of Angel, tough, rebellious, instigator
SLY CORELLI - Gino's best friend and best man, early 30s, single and likes it, a man's man, cool, calm, collected, sensible, people person, peacemaker
LESTER NORRIS - Gino's friend and usher, early 30s, total nerd, single but loking, shy, smart but no common sense, extremely frugal
BUFFY ASTOR - Angel's younger sister and maid of honor, late 20s, man-crazy flirt
SENATOR HOWARD ASTOR - Angel's father, 50s, moral politician, never met a stranger, ridiculously wealthy, bumbling, good-hearted but clueless
LENA ASTOR - Angel's mother, 50s, kleptomaniac, society woman, loves her family, perfect posture, former beauty queen, classy, wins at all costs
ARLEN FOX - Senator Astor's aide, 20-50, political genius, single and not looking, high strung, always on edge, extremely focused
HOMER CHEESEMAN - Angel's grandfather, Lena's father, 70s, widowed, fun loving, happy, simple farmer, un-sophisticated
PAULINE PAOLUCCI - Gino's mother, 50s, works as the "official greeter" at Gino's Family Jewels, single, dotes on Gino, lover of gaudy jewelry and good vintage Boones Farm
FRANCOIS DUVET - caterer, 30-50, hired by Pauline, dramatic, perfectionist, likes to be the show, speaks fluent fake French
BROTHER SAMMY WILSON - evangelist, 30-50, loves money and convincing people to donate to his "worthy causes," Pastor of House of the Rising Sun Congregational Temple, loves to be the center of attention, directs his Sisters of Salvation, over the top
SISTERS OF SALVATION - Brother Sammy's back-up singers, 20-60, ex-bar girls, devoted to their church
CHARITY CASE - Gino's sales clerk, 20s, very pregnant, working single mother-to-be, tries hard, always has probles, counts on Gino to help her out
JINX VERONA [JOHN VINCENT] - Gino's TV spokesperson, 30s, male, an outrageous drag queen, attractive, educated, ambitious, no one in the cast except Arlen knows she's a man
BENNY "CLICKS" MORENO - tabloid photographer, any age, wants to score the "big pic," sneaky, ruthless
RICARDO SCHWARTZ - the DJ, 20-40, lounge lizzard, slick, egotistical, thinks he's stylish, lives in the wrong era
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