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How To Sell Yourself Your as an Actor

How To Sell Yourself Your as an Actor

K. Callan

ISBN: 9781878355218

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From New York to Los Angeles (and everywhere in between!)

K Callan is tough. So is her book. The actress/author sets us straight right from the start, explaining that knowing how to act doesn't ipso facto make you an actor. If you're one of those actors who refuses to think of himself as a product which must be sold, and prefers to believe that acting is art, Callan puts things in perspective - "show business is about making money: art is extra." On any given day, 85% of the almost 100,000 members of The Screen Actors Guild are out of work. Callan has always been a part of the working 15% and is living proof that it's possibly to not only act and make a living, but also raise a family and live a balanced life.

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