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Polyester - The Musical (Cast Recording CD)

Polyester - The Musical (Cast Recording CD)

ISBN: 884501301459

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: Casting Recording CD
This is the original cast recording from Polyester The Musical a hilarious smash hit musical that premiered in Los Angeles in November 2009.

Polyester The Musical is the story of The Synchronistics, an over-the-hill, ABBA wannabe group that re-unites after 20 years to perform at a public access TV Telethon. It was 1979, and The Synchronistics were big. Johnny Carson big. Their hit single, "Better Together" rose to #2 on the Billboard Charts. Then something terrible happened that drove the group apart. And now, twenty years later, they're back together to perform at the WKLN public access TV Telethon. Will they overcome their differences, act professionally, and help save WKLN from going under? Probably not. But, you never know what to expect when this dysfunctional group gets together...one last time!

It's "Mamma Mia" meets "Spinal Tap"

Featuring 16 Original 70's Songs including, "The Funk Train," and "Bump Your Booty Rump."

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