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Nunsense (Cast Recording CD)

Nunsense (Cast Recording CD)

Dan Goggin

ISBN: 884501905725

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: Cast Recording CD
Track Listings:

1. Nunsense Is Habit-Forming
2. A Difficult Transition
3. Benedicte
4. The Biggest Ain't The Best
5. Playing Second Fiddle
6. So You Want To Be A Nun
7. Turn Up The Spotlight
8. Lilacs Bring Back Memories
9. Tackle That Temptation With A Time-Step
10. Growing Up Catholic
11. We've Got To Clean Out The Freezer
12. Just A Coupl' A Sisters
13. I Just Want To Be A Star
14. Drive-In
15. I Could've Gone To Nashville
16. Holier Than Thou
17. Finale
18. One Last Hope (Bonus Track)
Dan Goggin

Dan Goggin

Dan Goggin, a writer and director, came to New York from Alma, Michigan to study as a classical countertenor. He began his professional career singing in the Broadway production of Luther, starring Albert Finney. While appearing in a comic folk-duo called “The Saxons,” he began writing. This led to scores for the off-Broadway musical, Hark! (in which he also appeared), the Broadway production of ... view full profile

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