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The Red Feather Ladies Get Their Man - Short Play, Comedy

The Red Feather Ladies Get Their Man

Maxine Holmgren

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Short Play, Comedy


ISBN: 9780874407341

Hilarious sequel to Revenge of the Red Feather Ladies. The Red Feather Ladies Get Their Man....or do they?! The Red Feather Ladies Investment Club is meeting again at their favorite tea room, The Fancy Frills Tea Room.

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $45 per performance

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Short Play


40 minutes

Time Period - Contemporary

Settings Of Play - One set, of a tea room interior, in present time.


Bare Stage/Simple Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


Appropriate for all audiences, Senior


Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Senior Theatre, Shoestring Budget

This one-act comedy can be done as a sequel to Revenge of the Red Feather Ladies or stand on its own as a fun play.

The Red Feather Ladies Investment Club is meeting again at their favorite tea room, the Fancy Frills Tea Room.  At their last meeting, they all discovered that they wer engaged to the same man, a conniving gigolo.  He had been seeing each lady on a different day of the week.  Each one planned to get even and came up with a unique way to teach the cad a lesson.  They are meeting today to learn the outcome of their vengeance. 

As tea is served, each one reveals that their plan for revenge didn't go quite as planned.  In fact, many times their plans back-fired!  The surprise ending leaves them all in shock!

The Red Feather Ladies Get Their Man was first performed by the Sun City Players in Sun City, California, in 2008.




All Female, Ensemble cast, Parts for Senior Actors


All characters except the Waitress wear something with a large red feather. It could be on a hat, purse, boa, or any accessory.

BETTY – The Prime Plume of the Red Feather Ladies Investment Club. She is a retired attorney. She is suspicious of everything and everyone.
LOUISE – A fun loving, adventurous member of the Red Feather group. A former cheer leader, she is always cheerful. Tends to be loud and brash.
CHARLENE – A shy, quiet, studious member of the group. She is not very well coordinated and is prone to dropping things, knocking things over and bumping into things.
BARBARA – A pill popping hypochondriac. She always has health problems but looks the picture of health and never misses a meeting.
JANE – A sophisticated socialite. Her position in society is very important to her. She is very dramatic and demonstrative in her manner of speech.
ROSEANN – A sweet, naïve member of the Red Feather Investment Club. She is from the South, and speaks with a Southern drawl. 
WAITRESS – Wears typical waitress outfi t. She is not too bright.

Maxine Holmgren

Maxine Holmgren is a writer, playwright, actress, and director. She has worked with local theatre groups in Wisconsin, Arizona, and California. She is the founder of Maxine's Mystery Tea Party Plans and has written over sixteen mystery party plans to be performed during the serving of a tea party, luncheon, or dinner. She has been interviewd in several newspapers and two national magazines ... view full profile

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