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Whole Shebang, The - Short Play, Comedy

Whole Shebang, The

Pat Cook

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Short Play, Comedy

4m, 4f, 1m or f

ISBN: 9780874404784

“I’m a drama teacher,” Marge begins, which explains why she is now kept sedated and in a straitjacket.

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: Acting Edition
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Short Play


Parody / Spoof

“I’m a drama teacher,” Marge begins, which explains why she is now kept sedated and in a straitjacket. “All I had to do was be in charge of the whole shebang.” Of course, she is referring to The One Act Play Festival – scheming rival students, demanding directors, irresponsible actors, missing props, stolen costumes, and all under forty minutes. What happened to the lady who ran it last year? She died under very suspicious circumstances. Adding to Marge’s anxiety is the fact that two of the three competing schools are doing Hamlet and must rehearse on the same stage at the same time! Shakespearean skulls and battle axes fly in this fast-paced farce. Will Marge get this contest done before it undoes her? This scathing piece of theatrical Americana comes from the author of Murder, You Must be Kidding!


4m, 4f, 1m or f


Features Teens

Pat Cook

Pat Cook

Pat Cook got his first taste of seeing his work in print when he was still in high school in Frankston, Texas, writing for the school paper. Then, during the summers, he wrote a column for his hometown newspaper. It wasn't until college, however, when he saw the movie version of Neil Simon's The Odd Couple, that he decided to try his hand at writing plays. His first one-act, The Boys In The Halls, ... view full profile

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