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Christmas, Aliens, Gargoyles and Everything-Just-Right - Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

Christmas, Aliens, Gargoyles and Everything-Just-Right

Jack Kurtz

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Collection / Anthology, Dramatic Comedy

1m, 2f, 1boy(s), 1girl(s), 2m or f

ISBN: 9780874403091

More Readers' Theatre Scripts for Christmas! A sequel to Gargoyles, Plastic Balls, and Soup, previous plays about Timmy, Grandma, and the Gargoyle. All the plays are light-hearted and amusing as they each present a nugget of the Christian message to all ages.

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $45 per performance
$75 with other plays in collection

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Collection / Anthology

Dramatic Comedy

Fantasy, Christmas/Holiday, Chancel Drama / Pageant, Faith-based

60 minutes (1 hour)

Settings Of Play - Setting of each of the plays is a bare stage or church chancel with stools of varying heights and occasional simple props and set pieces. Please see specific titles for details.


Local Celebrity Cameo, No intermission

Bare Stage/Simple Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


No Special Cautions


Appropriate for all audiences


High School/Secondary, College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Professional Theatre, Senior Theatre, Reader's Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Church / Religious Groups

A collection of four Readers’ Theatre plays. All are set at Christmas time. All the plays are light-hearted and amusing as they each present a nugget of the Christian message to all ages. They are easily staged in a church chancel or on a bare stage with only one or two rehearsals. The plays in this collection are:

Sara Elizabeth and the Everything-Just-Right-Christmas: Sara, a precocious nine- or ten-year-old, learns that Jesus doesn’t expect people to be perfect when her elaborate plans for Christmas are spoiled because her family doesn’t do everything “just right.”

Timmy and the Christmas Strangers: During a long flight delay on Christmas Eve, Timmy and the other passengers learn that strangers can be friends you just haven’t met yet.

Christmas and the Gargoyle and the Big, Big Present: Timmy learns not to count his chickens before they are hatched when his BIG present from the Gargoyle turns out to be not at all what he expected. A sequel to Christmas and the Gargoyle Who Wouldn't Say Thank You.

Timmy and the Alien: An encounter with an alien from another planet gives Timmy a fresh appreciation of what Christmas is really about.



1m, 2f, 1boy(s), 1girl(s), 2m or f


Non-Traditional casting, Features Children, Features Teens, Flexible casting, Roles for Children, Parts for Senior Actors


Minimum cast of 7 can expand with roles for as many as 21 performers

Jack Kurtz

Jack Kurtz

Jack Kurtz has been a Presbyterian pastor for 37 years, PC(USA), in Missouri and Northern Virginia. Educational degrees include: Doctor of Ministry, San Francisco Theological Seminary; and Master of Divinity, McCormick Theological Seminary. Mr. Kurtz has created a theatre company, Fools for Christ Parable Production Company, in each of his three churches, and he wrote and directed many of the ... view full profile

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