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It's Called the Sugar Plum - Short Play, Dramatic Comedy

It's Called the Sugar Plum

Israel Horovitz

Short Play, Dramatic Comedy

1m, 1f

ISBN: 9780822205814

Winner of the Obie and Vernon Rice Awards for its successful Off-Broadway production, this very funny and perceptive play details the progressively cordial relationship which develops between a college girl whose boyfriend has been accidentally run down and killed and the young driver whom she visits to confront with his guilt.

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: DPS Acting Edition

Short Play

Dramatic Comedy


Interior Set


Obie, From Off-Broadway

Winner! 1968 Obie Award, Distinguished Play
Winner! 1968 Vernon Rice Award, awarded by the Drama Desk organization

Zuckerman, a college student, has ran over and killed a young man riding a skate board. As the play opens he is in his room pasting newspaper clippings into a scrapbook, humming contentedly, as he listens to a report of the accident on the radio. There is a knock at the door. Joanna, the fiancee of the dead man, enters in tears of accusation. After her initial tirade it's not long before they end up in each other's arms and in bed, quarreling over the amount of space devoted to each of them in the newspaper's report of the accident. Zuckerman's outrage during the quarrel is the only emotion he feels, whereas shedding tears is no problem for Joanna. But what amuses and disturbs them most is the chilling speed with which their instinctive self-concern overcomes the grief of the one and the guilt of the other. What develops is an intense new liaison between the two of them which quickly erases all memories of the departed.


"…remember the playwright's name, Israel Horovitz, I think we will be hearing it again."The New York Times

"Israel Horovitz is a playwright of unmistakable talent and the possessor of two of the most necessary qualities for stage writing word sense and dramatic flair." — Women's Wear Daily

"…a kooky-mood farce." — Associated Press



1m, 1f

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Israel Horovitz

Israel Horovitz

Isreal Horovitz is a playwright, director and actor. His plays have been translated and performed in as many as 30 languages, worldwide. His 70+ plays include Line (now in 38th year of continuous performance, off-Broadway, at 13th St. Repertory Theatre), The Indian Wants The Bronx (Steppenwolf: Gary Sinise & Terry Kinney), Rats, Morning, The Primary English Class, The Wakefield Plays, The ... view full profile

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