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Nutcracker Sweet - Full Length Play, Comedy

Nutcracker Sweet

David Wood

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Full Length Play, Comedy

3m, 3f, 1boy(s) or girl(s)

ISBN: 9780573150029

Book, Music, and Lyrics by David Wood
The Nuts, led by the imposing Kernel Walnut, decide to show that Nuts are not "nutty." Unfortunately, William the Conker seems to demonstrate the opposite. He falls under the spell of wicked Professor Jelly, who nearly succeeds in glazing all of the Nuts before he is subdued in a large chocolate.…

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: Acting Edition

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play


Theatre for Young Audiences


Play w/ Music

Exterior Set

Set in the Nutty May Fair, the play follows the struggle of the nuts – including Kernel Walnut, Monkey Nut, William the Conker, Gypsy Brazil and Old Ma Coconut – against the villainous confectioner Professor Jelly Bon Bon, who is searching for nuts with which to create a new chocolate assortment. The “Chocolate Squirter’s” aims are eventually foiled, thanks to the nuttiness of the Nuts and the audience’s help.


“You may well ask what I was doing one recent afternoon in the company of several hundred children, waving my arms in the air and singing ‘nutty, nutty, nutty, nuttiness is best.’ I was preventing myself from being glazed and then squirted with chocolate by Professor Jelly Bon Bon, is what I was doing. So would you have been. For this vintage children’s show by David Wood is every bit as good as The Owl and the Pussycat Went to See... or The Gingerbread Man. And, as in all the best Wood shows, participation is an essential element of the plot, not an afterthought…traditional children’s entertainment in a fresh coat of paint.” - Financial Times

“…hundreds of children at Sadler’s Wells on their feet and roaring their defiance at the Chocolate Squirter.” - The Guardian

“…a splendid confection…superb children’s theatre.” - The Irish Times

“Children loved this show, and so did their parents, and so did I.” - Cambridge Evening News

Perfection in any art form is rare. In the sphere of children’s theatre we came as close to it as is possible with David Wood’s Nutcracker Sweet…the triumph of this play is not in what it contains, but in how its content is transformed into performances which are quite spell-binding. The moment when, at a given signal, every child
in the audience stood up, waved their arms and sang ‘nutty, nutty, nutty, nutty, nuttiness’ is the moment when I realised that I was experiencing perfection in theatrical experience; the audience and performers unselfconsciously acting as one…David Wood’s script, untiringly witty, ensured that anyone of any age will find something to delight in this show.” Hibernia“…the inventive genius of David Wood…of such is the theatre, including audiences of the future born.” - The Stage

“A wonderful, wonderful enchanting show, intelligent and sophisticated and no child should be deprived of it” - South Wales Argos

The Redgrave Theatre, Farnham commissioned Nutcracker Sweet and first performed the play for Christmas 1977. Several repertory productions followed, and in 1980 the play was presented by Whirligig Theatre on tour and at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, London.


3m, 3f, 1boy(s) or girl(s)

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David Wood

David Wood

David Wood has been called "the national children’s dramatist" (London Times). His plays are performed worldwide, and include The Gingerbread Man, The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner, Save the Human, Aladdin, Hijack Over Hygenia, Jack the Lad, Larry the Lamb in Toytown, Old Mother Hubbard and The Ideal Gnome Expedition. Among his adaptations are eight Roald Dahl stories (The BFG, The Twits, The ... view full profile

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