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Lying Kind, The - Full Length Play

Lying Kind, The

Anthony Neilson

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Full Length Play

ISBN: 9780413773142

"Neilson's play gleefully and skilfully heaps an ever more precarious load of farcical indignities upon his hapless cast. Neilson's trademark provocativeness is satisfyingly on display." - Time Out

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: Acting Edition
: Anthony Neilson Plays: 2

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Full Length Play

Constables Blunt and Gobbel have one last duty to fulfil before they can finish their Christmas eve shift; telling the old couple at No. 58 some terrible news. But what if the shock is too much for them? Blunt and Gobbel didn't join up in order to ruin people's lives. Maybe they'd be happier not knowing. And maybe it would all be much easier if the two constables weren't also stuck in the middle of a full-scale village lynch-mob.
Anthony Neilson

Anthony Neilson

Anthony Neilson (b. 1967, Edinburgh) is a Scottish playwright and director. His breakthrough show Normal: The Dusseldorf Ripper was produced at the Edinburgh Theatre Festival in 1991. Other shows include The Wonderful World of Dissocia (2004), Realism (2006) and Orson Welles in the Land of the Peas (2010). He also took part in the Bush Theatre's Sixty Six in 2011. view full profile

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