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Vasilisa The Fair - Full Length Play

Vasilisa The Fair

Adrian Mitchell, Sabina Modzhalevskaya, Harlow Robinson, Alla Lander

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Full Length Play

11m, 7f

ISBN: 9780573629518

Adapted by Adrian Mitchell from "The Frog Princess and Other Russian Folk Tales" by Sophia Prokofieva and Irina Tokmakova
Translated by Sabina Modzhalevskaya and Harlow Robinson
Music by Alla Lander
"Billed as a play for youngsters, adults have much to enjoy." - Times Union

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: Acting Edition
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Full Length Play

Theatre for Young Audiences


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He shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth he didn’t care where. He didn’t want to do it but his father made him. When the Tsar of all Russia tells you to shoot an arrow and marry the closest young thing to wherever it lands, that’s what you do. Even if it lands in a swamp by a frog. So Prince Ivan agrees to marry his green quarry, who is actually a charmed princess. Wonderful Russian folk characters – including a fire-breathing bear, a wicked wizard, and the witch Baba Yaga – enrich this wonderful tale for children of all ages. 
"Billed as a play for youngsters, adults have much to enjoy." - Times Union

"A delightful confection." - Daily Gazette"Kick back and let its subtle charms work their magic on you." - Daily Mail

"An extravagant accomplishment that constantly amuses and transorts." - Metroland

"Magical." - Spotlight



11m, 7f

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