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The Miracle Worker
A true classic that never gets old, and a wonderfully accessible play for high school performers interested in taking on a challenging script.  Even though the script focuses on the story of Annie and Helen, it is peopled with wonderfully developed characters, each with his/her own compelling story. I have directed this twice, and hope that I have a third opportunity to direct it before I retire.  The set can be adapted to a wide range of stage configurations and the technical challenges are manageable.

by Joseph Stanforth on 5/27/2016 8:59 PM

The Miracle Worker
Excellent play about real persons who did amazing things - and therefore, a great play to do with high schoolers!  Offers the opportunity to give insight to teenagers about people with disabilities and people who have overcome great obstacles to become a success.

by Sherry McCamley on 9/19/2014 12:11 PM

The Miracle Worker
Excellent play with ample casting opportunities and potential for interesting set ideas.  Tells a great and moving story well and at the same time is very entertaining.

by Michael Hughes on 5/15/2014 8:10 AM

Brevity and Keen Insight
What Gibson is able to do with the supporting characters is brilliant. I loved the dialogue exchange with Annie. The action is built according with the suspense of having Helen finally experience the miracle of connecting with her life. A must-read for playwrights.

by jane McNeil on 12/31/2013 11:29 AM

An intense simplicity
“The Miracle Worker” is a beautiful contradiction in that it is simple and complex all at once. The set, costumes, and other technical aspects are relatively without frills, and William Gibson writes in a way that all people can understand and relate to. However, under the surface, this script is rich in detail and full of heart.  

There is always something intriguing about a biographical type piece. We as the audience can sit in our seats and imagine the action on stage actually occurring between the two historical figures, Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan. The heart and soul of this play lives and dies in the interaction between these two engaging characters. These women are incredibly juicy roles for actors and are the epitome of a study in power struggles. You know a playwright is particularly skilled when there is an entire scene made up almost completely by stage direction and the attention of the reader and audience member is never lost. The referenced scene between Helen and Annie is one of the most well written, intense, and physically and mentally demanding sequences in all of dramatic literature. Gibson is truly a craftsman in this respect. One fault of Gibson’s writing, however, is that a scene here or there could be trimmed to run more smoothly.

Overall, “The Miracle Worker” is a heartwarming, brilliantly crafted dialogue between student and teacher. It is a tale of perseverance and dedication that is both family friendly and thought provoking. The technical simplicity along with its challenges for actors and directors make it an attractive play for theater professionals.

by Jessica Otterbine on 4/23/2013 1:56 PM