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by Gillian Shelly on 11/14/2017 11:48 PM

A play written from a deep place of emotional truth-telling
Both Lizzy and Jack “go against type,” or challenge conventional expectations, in really sensitive, surprising, and deeply truthful ways.

Lizzy is a woman whose heart has been hurt, yet she emerges from that pain, and somehow her character arc left me with a soulful sense of uplift I did not see coming.  

The character of Jack really moved me as well. He’s “a good man”: sympathetic, sensitive, smart. He too harbors hurts, but that has not impeded his emotional intelligence—which right there distinguishes him from a lot of other local men who might have moved in next door to Lizzy. In Jack’s character arc the play seems to be modeling a sort of man who not only turns out to be surprisingly good for Lizzy but who the world could use more of.

Maytag Virgin comes from a deep place of emotional truth-telling as well as a mountain of writerly gifts. It is truly a beautiful work.

by John Stoltenberg on 3/15/2017 5:37 PM

Maytag Virgin is the perfect feel-good Romantic Comedy. Audiences will laugh, cry and applaud.
Both Lizzy and Jack Key have lost their spouses to death and now find themselves living next door with their back porches and lives staring each other in the face.  Without a fence separating their homes they are more than destined to cross each other’s path daily.  It is through this unadorned, straightforward craftsmanship that Audrey Cefaly quietly exposes the vulnerabilities, hurt, and fears of her two love-torn characters as they, like a quiet Southern river, bend and meander towards the beautiful and poignant discovery that love taken away can be found again.  Cefaly writes sparingly, with wit and empathy, leaving the inner world of her characters to be discovered and revealed through the emotional struggles and choices of the actors portraying the two tour de force roles. Maytag Virgin is ideal for professional and community theaters alike needing a small play with powerful, entertaining performances.  As a romantic comedy, the play is filled with both laughs and tears that will delight audiences with its humor, simplicity and heartwarming, heart-expanding, feel-good conclusion.

by Jack Cannon on 3/7/2017 3:04 PM

Excellent work
Playwright Audrey Cefaly takes us to Alabama in this play about two people finding their way through life and love. Set on and between two back porches of characters Lizzie and Mr. Key, this play makes the ordinary extraordinary. Cefaily explores what makes us human with dialogue that wrings our hearts. This play is perfect for theatre majors that need a two-person scene--many good ones here--and an ideal choice to stage since it'll appeal to a wide range of people. Cefaly is a playwright to watch.

by deborah ager on 2/25/2017 1:09 PM