Eating Raoul

by  Jed Feuer, Paul Bartel, Boyd Graham

Full Length Musical, Dark Comedy  /  5m, 4f

The cult film classic has new life as a zany musical. The Blands want to open a restaurant, but they need cash. Suppose they lure weirdos to their apartment to kill and rob them?

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  • Cast Size

    Cast Size

    5m, 4f
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    • Adult

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The cult film classic has new life as a zany musical. The Blands want to open a restaurant, but they need cash. Suppose they lure weirdos to their apartment to kill and rob them? Soon, they are a financial success, but disposing of the bodies is a problem. Enter their devious apartment super, Raoul, with a proposition: he will take care of the corpses for a cut (when he's not performing at a tacky nightclub). The partnership runs amok, and Mary ultimately bops Raoul with her deadly frying pan. Now the Blands have the money they need, and they celebrate with a gourmet meal - guess who's the main course?
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"Quintessential [...] offbeat fare [...] Quirky, campy, even a shade kinky, it also is original, fast paced and consistently funny [...] It may prove the season's most delectable treat." - The Houston Chronicle

"Fun." - The Los Angeles Times

"The most entertaining musical about sex and cannibalism around." - Backstage West

"A merry, murderous musical romp." - Drama-Logue


  • Eating Raoul
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Performing Groups

  • College Theatre / Student
  • Professional Theatre
  • Blackbox / Second Stage /Fringe Groups

License details

  • Licensing fees and rental materials quoted upon application.



  • Time Period: 1960s
  • Setting: Los Angeles, CA in the late 1960s.


  • Orchestra Size: Small/Combo

Song Samples

Meet the Blands
A Small Restaurant
La La Land
A Thought Occurs
Tool For You
Think About Tomorrow
Eating Raoul
Momma Said
Lovers in Love
Hot Monkey Love
One Last Bop


5m, 4f

MARY BLAND - very pretty, unconsciously sexy in a naive sort of way.
PAUL BLAND - prematurely balding, somewhat overweight and hopelessly square but sincere, tenacious and lovable.
DR. DOBERMAN - an officious lecher.
MR. KRAY - fat and mean.
MR. LEECH - an oily, smooth-talking womanizer.
METER MAID - hip and bored with it all. 
HOWARD - bad taste incarnate who thinks he's hip.
DONNA THE DOMINATRIX - a kinky little bundle of energy with a voice as big as all outdoors; at home a sweet young housewife and mother.
JAMES - always smiling, would say or do anything to make a sale.
BOBBY - an obsessive case of arrested adolescence.
JUNIOR - a rotund gourmand.
RAOUL - a sexy young Latino with a weakness for girls and a talent to match his gigantic ego.
TIIE RAOULETfES (Gladys and Inez) - two knockout, if sluttish, young chicas. All boobs, butt and tongue.
YOLANDA - a former star of a certain age. Heavy Latino accent. 
GINGER - built like a football player but dresses like Ginger Rogers-and can dance like her too. 

Tourists, Swingers, Stick-up Man, etc.

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Cast Attributes

  • Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)
  • Expandable casting

Casting Notes

The Characters in Eating Raoul may be cast in a great variety of ages and interpretations. It is recommended that several of the secondary parts be played by the same actors.


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Jed Feuer

Jed Feuer

Paul Bartel

Paul Bartel is perhaps best known as the director and star of the quirky sleeper Eating Raoul (1982). Born in New York City, Bartel was a film aficionado since childhood and entered the industry at age 13 working as a ...

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Boyd Graham

Boyd Graham

Eating Raoul premiered at the Union Square Theatre in New York City in May 1992 under the direction of Toni Kotite.

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